Chapter 15

Strung Apart by Fate

"Does this have to be answered now or can it wait?" Asked Beomgyu as he felt his heart skip a beat when he was asked that question. He was happy that Soobin had finally figured it out, but this usually meant one thing for Beomgyu. Soobin's time was coming, and he had a feeling it was going to be very soon.

"I want to know why now," mumbled Soobin as he gripped onto the steering wheel. "I'm not mad or anything," he added. "I just feel bad because when I die it'll be, what the fourth time?" He asked.

"What caused you to figure it out?" Asked Beomgyu as he prepared himself for this conversation.

"The day you said that I reminded you of your soulmate," responded Soobin as he shrugged, changing lanes once it was clear enough to do so. "I had a lot to think about since then, and everything made more sense with you," he explained. "With how you feel really familiar to me, how you seem to gravitate towards me whenever we're together and such," he added. "And that hug, I- It just felt right," he explained. "Like, you were meant to be in my arms or something," he mumbled.

"I-" started Beomgyu as he let out a deep sigh. "Because everytime you figured it out, it meant you were dying sometime later, up to a week later," he mumbled in explanation. "I wanted more time with you, because this is the longest I've been able to spend in your presence before your death," he added. "Am I being selfish? Probably, but if it meant getting to know you from this life when I couldn't even do that the last two lives, well," he mumbled.

"Tell me something," hummed Soobin. "Am I that much different than the first Soobin you've come to know?" He asked. "I feel like this hug wasn't done the last two lives, but you were finally able to do it this life," he added.

"Oh believe me, you aren't the same Soobin as I knew before," responded Beomgyu as he looked out the passenger side window. "Neither were your last two lives," he added. "But I see the first you in the current you now," he added. "There's things that you do, that you used to do during the first life," he explained. "But the Soobin I once knew and the Soobin I know now are two completely different people," he added. "Do I mind it? No," he hummed, tapping his fingers on the armrest. "Because I'm not comparing you to your first life, to me you're always my soulmate, no matter how many lives I go through before this curse breaks," he explained.

Soobin took a while to respond, focusing on the road as the others in the back were listening in, though they kept silent. Kai was going to speak up, but Seongmin shook his head at him, knowing this conversation wasn't one to be interrupted. Taehyun found himself thinking back at what he knew of Heeseung's last life, and found he knew nothing.

Heeseung could only sit in silence with his arms crossed, a lot of questions on his mind but he didn't voice them. Just like Soobin, Beomgyu had also felt familiar to him and Heeseung wasn't sure why. He had a feeling that he knew Beomgyu from before, and would probably ask him later, when they had finally gotten back to the dorms.

"So that's it huh?" Asked Soobin. "We just wait til my next life to figure out how to save me?" He asked.

"I have a plan," mumbled Beomgyu. "Don't worry about that," he added. "Just focus on yourself for now, okay?" He asked. Soobin hummed in response.



Seongmin was dropped off first, as he had to get back to his parents house to help them with something. After that it had been Heeseung and Beomgyu, who both turned and waved to Soobin who had driven off after they had gotten everything.

"Did we ever know each other before this life?" Asked Heeseung as he turned to Beomgyu.

"We did," responded Beomgyu as a sad look appeared in his eyes. "You were one of my best friends, and survived for so long," he explained, sighing. "You and I shared the same curse apparently, but when you tried to save Soobin, Taehyun had showed up around the same time and apparently passed on his curse to you," he added. "Taehyun had also been one of Soobin's best friends back then, and we- well," he mumbled, entering the dorms with Heeseung following after him.

"I tried to save Soobin his last life, and ended up dying myself huh?" Asked Heeseung. "That- sheesh," he muttered. "I'm sorry," he apologized with a sigh.

"Don't worry about it," dismissed Beomgyu as he shook his head. "The past is the past, and besides, I am glad I get to meet you this life," he added.

"I was with you for the longest time though," pointed out Heeseung. "We went through hell and back just to get to our soulmates the last life only for you to lose yours again and for Taehyun and I to switch places," he sighed.

"What are you two talking about now?" Came another voice as Jungwon appeared in the livingroom with Sunghoon behind him.

"Ah, I just had some questions for Beomgyu, is all," mumbled Heeseung as he turned to Jungwon before walking passed him and into his room. Jungwon turned to watch Heeseung before turning back to Beomgyu who shook his head.

"Don't worry about it," dismissed Beomgyu. "I am going to get some sleep," he added before walking passed them and into his and Jake's room.



Soobin curled up on his side in his bed, letting out a resigned sigh. He could feel it, that feeling of death that was looming ever so closer to him ever since the last hospitalization. He hated it. He hated that Beomgyu was the reason he was dying.

But Soobin hated himself more, he had finally came to terms with his own feelings with Beomgyu and he was soon to leave this world for Beomgyu to wait however much longer to try save him again.

"Are you okay?" Asked Taehyun as he entered the room and walked over to Soobin's bed and sat down beside him.

"I don't know," mumbled Soobin. "I don't know how I'm feeling right now," he added. "I feel lost," he muttered. "Did you know this whole time that Beomgyu and I were soulmates?" He asked.

"I did," hummed Taehyun as he let out a soft sigh. "He didn't want to tell you, because he was afraid," he explained. "He was afraid he wouldn't have you in his life much longer," he added.

"I'm dying Taehyun," mumbled Soobin. "We all know this," he added. "I don't know whether I want to let Beomgyu continue to suffer as he has been though," he sighed.

"Don't worry about it okay?" Asked Taehyun. "I'm sure he has something planned out," he added. "You just try to survive, okay?" He asked. Sooobin hummed, closing his eyes.



Beomgyu looked dazed as Jake stood over him, looking down at Beomgyu who was just lying in bed and staring up at the ceiling.

"Are you okay?" Asked Jake as he snapped his fingers in front of Beomgyu's face.

"Mmm," hummed Beomgyu as he nodded.

"Is he okay?" Came Heeseung's voice as he walked over to look down at Beomgyu.

"I think so," responded Jake as he shrugged. "I need to get to classes," he added.

"Go, I got it from here," reassured Heeseung. Jake looked unsure, but he nodded and turned, glancing one last time at Beomgyu before leaving.

"Talk to me Beomgyu," demanded Heeseung as he sat down beside Beomgyu. "What's going on with you and Soobin right now?" He asked.

"I don't know," whispered Beomgyu as he closed his eyes. "But I think his time is coming," he explained. "I just... I just feel it," he mumbled.

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