The Puppeteer

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Mingyu and Wonwoo work as detectives in the Homicide Department. With their special skills, they are assigned to a case they already know. A gruesome serial killer who has never been caught resurfaces, and they have little time to solve the case. Jisoo and Jeonghan form a task force to solve the case and find te killer this time once and for all.
The Puppeteer 



Mingyu and Wonwoo work as special investigators for the federal police. An old serial killer case that was closed as unsolved years ago seems to resurface. Jeonghan and Jisoo join the team and despite their will to find the killer, the differing views of the two races are often a source of tension and interfere with the investigation. The skills of each team member form a task force with little time to catch the killer. Old and new evidence, new crime scenes, and personal feelings complicate the investigation.
Will they solve the mystery and catch the killer this time ... or will the killer be able to escape again?

Reading example 


"Lee Cho Hee. Fourteen years old." said Jisoo, handing out the pictures. Wonwoo forced down the anger and disgust and looked at them. The same cuts, the same iron cord around her neck. Her eyes were removed again and...
"This is just wrong." He heard Jeonghan whisper.
"The victim's eyes were inserted into her ankles. We found her body in Yonsangyu Park, and like the other girls, she had been dead for a few days."
"And no clues? Fingerprints, witnesses, camera footage?" asked Wonwoo, ruffling his hair.
"Nothing. Don´t you think we were checking all the possibilities back then? And just for your information, in 1980, you probably hadn't even been planned yet. At that time, we didn't have tracking options. Large-scale camera coverage was only possible in large public places. To avoid fingerprints, people wore gloves back then. Today's network of surveillance options was still a dream of the future back then. Hell, even catching dead mutants' visions was not only unwise, it was advised against. There wasn't even a technology developed yet for it to be feasible. Scientists had to come up with a procedure to make that happen. It had to be tested over time. Mind stabilization performed by a Canvasser squad of Deathcatchers and Controllers wouldn't be established and practiced until the 2010s. Expecting that investigative work could be easily done just because we had mutants in the force would be a stupid oversimplification of our job."  mewed Mingyu, and Wonwoo looked at him apologetically.
"At that point, Mingyu and I knew we were dealing with a serial killer. Fortunately, we could narrow the circle of his preferred prey a bit, shall we say." Jisoo picked up the conversation again.
"Because the killer only attacked enslaved women?" 
Mingyu nodded. "But of course, it wasn't easy to use that knowledge because it was forbidden, and they hid it pretty well."
"Who are they?" Jeonghan snapped at Mingyu, and Wonwoo stiffened. 
"The mutants who kept the slaves," explained Mingyu, obviously avoiding answering with his thoughts. Jeonghan stared at him, but a second later, his hair covered his eyes, and he pretended to study the pictures before him. But Wonwoo saw him clenching his fist in anger.
"The last victim in 1980 before it was closed is Kim Ae Sook, fifteen years old. Same injuries. She was found in a club in Hoehyeondong after a new club opening. Same injuries, her eyes were also removed, and embedded in the back of her head."
Wonwoo blinked and saved the conversation. He tried to stay focused and not get emotional about it.
"What period did the victims die in?" asked Jeonghan, reaching for his coffee.
"They all died in 1980. After several months, we received an anonymous tip with an address, which we immediately checked but got no results. A few days later, the case was closed. "We tried to keep working the case, but all information we had gathered had been marked as confidential, so we had to stop an investigation and take over other cases again. The Chief at that time was a pain in the ." Mingyu sighed.
Jisoo nodded. "He was a mean little dwarf."
"What about the other three girls who died recently? What information do we have about them?" he heard Jeonghan ask.
He saw Mingyu stand up.



"A month ago, a body was found in the Cheonpadong. The Chief informed me of all the details. She had the same injuries. Her eyes had been removed and inserted in her right hand. Two weeks ago, another victim in Namsan Park. We have yet to confirm the identity of the two girls. We don't have names yet."
"The other girls' eyes were also removed?" asked Wonwoo.
"Yes. The victim two weeks ago had her eyes inserted in her left hand."
"Some people are sick..." he heard Jeonghan mutter.
"The last girl was found a week ago in Hangangno."
"Do we know her name and age?" Jeonghan asked, stretching and grabbing his coffee pot.
"Park Saeron is about sixteen years old. She is the most recent victim, and the one Jisoo is supposed to read."
Silence had fallen in the room.
"So we have four cases from 1980 with the same injuries and marks, but no connection between the girls. Fifty years later, there are three girls so far. We are talking about seven murdered young girls by now and I think everyone here knows this is not the end, and I'm sure we'll find more victims if we don't find anything that can be linked to the killer." Mingyu sighed and sat back down.

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author's note

Hi guys, 
I'm not usually cocky, but the story is really good, and the plot is REALLY good. But... the story is about four cops chasing a serial killer and trying to find him based on evidence. 
And that's the point... the story is very detailed. That means that every injury, every clue, and every possible help to the killer is explained by me. And the evidence is ed up, I promise. In addition, the victims are relatively young and female. So I want to point out that this fic probably has all the triggers that there are ;-) 

Anyone who has read my other fics (Count on me is a good example) knows that by triggers, I mean real triggers, not a bit of crying over a black eye. 
I don't want any whining later. 
So if you want to chase a serial killer with me, then sub ;-) If you want to read fluffy fluff stuff, please sub to "One day is not enough" ;-)















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Chapter 18: The date is going well for Jisoo and Jeonghan. Now I can only hope that the same will be for Mingyu and Wonwoo. As the younger literary got so much information dumped on him, his minds seems about to explode.
Chapter 17: It is funny and interesting to see how frustrated and Flustered they become. Their dynamic has changed, they are no longer enemies but good friends, even couples.

Hopefully Wonwoo is alright. He is my favorite character in this story, his troubles, curiosity and love life has me hooked.
Chapter 15: Yaya, Mingyu will have another chance to get Wonwoo's heart. He is trying to think and act humanly. That has impressed Wonwoo who can't deny that the Mutant has become someone important in his life.

Excited for the date and have fingers crossed that none of them mess it up!
Chapter 14: Hendery talked some sense into Wonwoo. Now he will act differently and will try to understand his teammates.

Ar those feelings blooming in Wonwoo's heart? Maybe he acted way too fast by rejecting Mingyu.
Chapter 13: It was sad that Mimgyu got rejected and now he will spend decades being sad about it. Maybe if he had been bit more romantic, maybe then Wonwoo would at least consider their connection.

At least Jisoo and Jeonghan are doing a bit better. Jisoo has his chance to prove himself

I really hope that Wonwoo didn't mess up on purpose. Something sketchy is going on. Wonwoo betraying them would be awful, especially after finding out how much he meant to the team.
Chapter 12: Mingyu shows that he really cares about the Saver by allowing him to see his thoughts. That is also a great chance to talk about their connection.

While I do feel bad for the new Saver, it is understandable that wonwoo would be mad. Even with best intentions, they managed to hurt him.
Chapter 11: Wonwoo should not push himself too far or it will end much worse than the situation now. Luckily, Mingyu was there to help as much as he could.

It is ironic how both Jisoo and Mingyu have found the connection with someone else but still are ready to unleash their anger on one another for that.

Hmm, just a guess but maybe Taeyong is involved. Not a killer but someone to cover the tracks.
Chapter 10: Wonwoo's plan might be a bit risky and crazy but it got them results, hopefully. Any information will be useful, even if it is just a small file or a photo of some random object.
Chapter 9: The guys are right. Wonwoo needs rest, it is obviously taking a toll on him. His first official case is full with unpleasant surprises.

The numbers are a great lead. At least they have something rather than nothing.

Mingyu showed the most care to Wonwoo which is awesome as their bond grows deeper day by day and both of them don't even notice it.
Chapter 8: Wonwoo and Mingyu are slowly building a bond. They all are in one way or another.

Jeonghan should not feel that bad about himself. It is worrisome that he doesn't want others to be associated with him just because of who he is.

Now the interesting part awaits. The victims last thoughts. It seemed that the procedure went lot better than expected. Wonwoo will have lot of work on his hands.