14 - Date Dynamics

The Puppeteer
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"See you later then." Wonwoo smiled and got out of the car. 
Mingyu waved after him and waited until the Saver had disappeared through the front door of his house.
Panicking, Mingyu reached for his phone. Calling Jisoo was not an option. He probably had his hands full trying to impress the inexperienced, shy Jeonghan so that he would allow a physical approach tonight and thus wouldn´t even notice his call. 
- And how do you plan to explain the marking to Wonwoo in terms of human pride and ignorance? - giggled a voice in his head, and he ignored it. 
So the only option was... 
He searched for the contact from his phone and swallowed his pride. 
It rang a few times. 
"Hi... it's me." Mingyu mumbled and could hear a sigh.
"Hi. You sound weird. Are you okay?" asked Hendery. 
Few people in the department knew, but Mingyu and Hendery had become good friends over the past few years. They didn't keep it a secret, but they didn't sit at the same table at lunch either. "I need help." Mingyu mumbled. 
"With the Saver?" Hendery mocked him.
Mingyu clenched his fist angrily. 
"Is it that obvious?" 
"The only time your eyes are not red is when you take the drug to darken them." Hendery chuckled. 
"Put Aeri on the phone, please. I need her advice." Mingyu tried to escape the situation.
"Alright... hold on a second." laughed Hendery. Mingyu heard the phone being put down, then listened to a few steps, and a voice popped up. 
"How are you, my lovely human stalker?" A voice suddenly giggled, and Mingyu blushed. 
"You're the one to talk, Aeri. I remember you chasing Hendery for months." he grinned. 
Aeri had been married to Hendery for about four years. Few people in the department knew, that Aeri was a mutant. The connection between the two had always been strange to him, but now he had it himself, and Aeri was probably the only one who could help him now. 
"How much time do you have?"
 "Two hours." 
"You're leading?" Aeri asked.
"Yes." Mingyu mumbled.
"Damn, the Saver is giving you a hard time on purpose, isn't he?" laughed Aeri again, and Mingyu suddenly had to laugh along. 
"It's a miracle he agreed at all. I need to get everything right. He's open to it, but I don't know how to act around him. Humans are so... spontaneous. Wonwoo has no prejudices tonight but also expects a lot."
"What does he like to eat? What does he like to do? Hendery gave me hell on the first date, too, but I got him to kiss me in the evening. But he was hard to get. Humans need a lot of attention and a lot of compliments. So here's what you do..." 
Mingyu sighed with relief, and Aeri instructed him for the evening. 




Wonwoo hurried up the stairs, stormed through the front door, placed the keys, badge, and gun on the table, and dashed into the bedroom. He opened the wardrobe and stared at the chaos of different colors and pieces of fabrics. "I'm so stupid... why did I do this..." 
- Because you want to see him. - his subconscious chuckled.  
He got a shirt and a pair of jeans out of the closet, put them on the bed, and ran into the bathroom. 
After about an hour, he showered, had his hair blow-dried, was dressed, and, with trembling fingers, grabbed his mobile phone from the hallway. 
He dropped onto the couch and sighed. 
"Great... I act like a toddler..." he mumbled and dialed a number.
"Well, well. The second half of the evening." the person who answered the call laughed, and Wonwoo frowned. 
"Did you hit your head? What are you talking about? And Hello to you too." grinned Wonwoo. 
"What's up?" asked Hendery and laughed. 
"I need your help." muttered Wonwoo. Hendery and he had become friends a few weeks ago, and Wonwoo knew that Hendery's wife was a mutant. It wasn't a secret, but Hendery didn't like to talk about his private life, so few people knew about it. 
"With the Mind Reader?" asked Hendery and laughed.
"Yes. Which one of you was the lead on your first date?" Wonwoo asked nervously. 
"She was." 
Wonwoo sighed in relief. 
"Okay, I have no idea how this works. Is he expecting something from me? Do I have to do something? Certain rules of conduct? Do I have to..." 
"First things first, you need to calm down, Wonwoo-ah." 
Wonwoo grinned. "I don't know why I'm so nervous." 
"When mutants say one leads the date and the other follows, they mean it. You don't have to do anything. You don't even have to thank him for anything. Mingyu will probably make sure you go out for dinner and then do something cool with you. I don't see you as overly romantic, and he knows it. Dating mutants isn't just about having a good time and telling each other how cute you are. It's also about establishing positions." 
"Positions?" asked Wonwoo in surprise. 
Hendery said nothing for a moment. "He'll explain it to you then." 
"Come on! I don't want it explained on a date. I want to have a date and know what I'm getting into. Hyung, I realize this is not a regular date as I know it. But as Mingyu doesn't know how I expect it, I don't know his expectations. I need some information, please. I will not get mad or cancel the date or anything childish. But I feel like I'm jumping into a shark tank." 
Hendery sighed. "Okay. But you won´t chicken out. Got it?" 
Wonwoo got a bad feeling."Okay." 
"The simple thing first. Every date among mutants ends with the lead part trying to impress you during the date so that he may or may not have the opportunity to get physically close later." 
Wonwoo's jaw dropped. "Dates with mutants end in ?!" 
Hendery chuckled. "Yes, mostly. If the person that does not lead the date is satisfied with the execution." 
"That sounds like a dentist's appointment. Can´t you say it more... romantic?" 
"Not really. There are many types of connections, ranging from platonic to physical. But that is the case for dates with two mutants. If a human is involved, as in our cases, it's different. My wife, for example, had already made a move on me before our date, and although I am a man and usually the one to take the woman out, she made it clear to me right on the first date that she is the dominant part, and I am the submissive part. Male or female, it doesn't matter with mutants. It's the connection that matters." 
"Submissive part?" Wonwoo asked. 
"How do I explain this in simple terms... Mingyu is leading the date. He decides where you eat. He picks out what you like and what you can do after. He was the one who asked you out, and he was the one who confessed, right?" 
"Yes." replied Wonwoo cautiously. 
"That's because of his urge mechanism. If your date goes well, he is happy but expects you to be the submissive part after that, too. If he leads well on the first date, you will follow well. And for future situations. Because you are signaling to him that his execution of the plan to impress you has worked and that you are happy with him, you are handing him the reins and trusting that he will continue to make good and right decisions no matter what. For you and with you. If you like pizza today, he'll assume that pizza is what you like best, and he'll make sure there's a pizza place nearby, no matter where you are. You know what I mean?"
"Half of it. Wonwoo grumbled. 
"This is import, Wonwoo-ah. If you signal satisfaction, you automatically give him permission to guide you. Do you know what I mean?" 
"He tells me what to do after it?" Wonwoo pouted. 
"No, not like that, but he is very protective and concerned that you're doing well. If he doubts a hobby, friend, or party for you, he will ask you to let it go. If you refuse, there will be no consequences, but it will hurt his pride because you do not trust his urge mechanism. It´s complicated, I promise." 
"And you are the submissive part?" Wonwoo asked after a while.
"Yes. Why?" Hendery confirmed. 
"But... you are a man, aren't you?" Wonwoo asked, surprised. 
"It doesn't matter. She asked me to go out with her. I agreed that the date went well, and she did her job well. I even kissed her. But with that, she continued to take charge. That's mutant thinking." 
Wonwoo sighed. "Let me guess..."' 
"If you even remotely think you would be the dominant part of the connection, then you are wrong. Mingyu has been busy winning you over for weeks. If tonight's date goes well, you'll be marked." 
"Marked?" Wonwoo asked, surprised."What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"That's the other thing among mutants—whether human or mutant. The dominant partner marks the submissive partner. This is not a sign or something, and it happens unconsciously. But if any other mutant walks past you, you will see you are connected with a mutant. I never understood how it works, and I don't think some things need to be understood. Besides, mutants are not guinea pigs. If they keep certain things in their breed to themselves, that's okay. But, of course, his goal tonight is for you to open up to him enough to accept a relationship. Or, in his terms, connection. Everything else will show itself then." 
"Okay... can we get back to this part?" Wonwoo´s head was spinning. Hendery suddenly laughed. "Don't worry. That doesn't concern us. Or not for now." 
"Mmh... short version, and you go on a date or long version, and you cancel?" asked Hendery. 
Wonwoo thought for a moment. "Short version." 
"Mutants love differently. They are neither shy nor reticent in expressing desires or presences. And they are ing strong. It's hard for them to behave lovingly." 
"How does Aeri do that? Sorry for just asking." 
"As stupid as it sounds, there's no prescription for it. It's partner-dependent. We've found our ways, and I´ll keep them to myself. We work together and are friends, but I'm not a woman who talks to you about her menstrual cramps." Hendery chuckled, and Wonwoo grinned. 
"He... wouldn't hurt me tonight if I kissed him, would he?" Wonwoo whispered, ashamed of himself for even having the thought. 
But Hendery didn't seem to take it the wrong way. 
"He won't. No is no. He will accept it without complaining if you don't want to. It took me about half a year before I dared to be intimate with Aeri. And even then, expect a miserable evening because Mingyu would not know how he should behave with your body. He knows that he can seriously hurt you if there are no boundaries, and both of you have to figure them out on your own. In non-platonic relationships, the human part must always be the lead when it comes to intimacy. Otherwise, it doesn't work. Understand?" 
"In other words, if I don't want him to hurt me during that, for example, because he's just stronger, then I have to make sure to keep him under control?" asked Wonwoo incredulously. 
"Will you be angry at me if I cancel the date? Are you serious? Do I get marked? Will I be submissive? I have to make sure that he won´t kill me while we would... make out?" whined Wonwoo. 
"The date will be great, trust me. It's a miracle he's formed a connection with a human, and he is sincere. Mutants don't do things half-heartedly. He'll want to impress you tonight, and if you're satisfied, then every goddamn mutant in the universe will know you're his partner because he'll probably tattoo it on your forehead in capital letters. That's just who he is. That´s how mutants are. He's a good guy, okay? And he knows that... you need to be physically compatible. He will also accept a platonic relationship if you want." 
"I haven't even gotten that far yet. I'm just going to have a drink with him. It´s not even a planned thing! Nothing else." 
"Sure." Hendery laughed, and Wonwoo blushed. 
Both said nothing for a moment. 
"Have a good time, Wonwoo-ah. Just let him do it. Mutants are very eager to please and impress their partner. It's just their nature. So if you are impressed or satisfied with something, could you tell him? It's good for his confidence and the rest of the evening. Okay?" 
"Okay. Thank you, hyung." Wonwoo smiled.
"See you tomorrow, date detective." Hendery laughed and hung up. 
Wonwoo sighed deeply and slumped back into the couch cushions. 


Jisoo smiled as he watched Jeonghan. The younger had lost some of his shyness and was much more relaxed at the table. 
"The food was delicious. The restaurant was a good pick." Jeonghan said, and Jisoo almost burst with joy. It made him happy that Jeonghan had enjoyed it. 
"Really? I'm glad that you were satisfied." Jisoo answered.
"I was." Jeonghan smiled shyly. 
Humans wouldn't have understood such a thing, but these little things were essential on a date among mutants. If you were going to eat, it had to taste good. A dinner that was not good could end the date before it started. It had taken him almost two nights to choose the restaurant he finally decided on. And the decision seemed to have been correct. 
Suddenly, he heard Jeonghan's mobile ringing, and the younger ignored it. That also showed Jisoo that he was concentrating on the date. Jisoo felt the connection towards him strengthen even more. Jeonghan suddenly looked at him and blushed heavily. 
"Ah... sorry." Jisoo suddenly laughed and lowered his eyes. His thoughts probably intensified the color in his eyes, and Jeonghan was now sitting  
shyly in front of him. But he smiled slightly. 
"Do you want me to take the drug so my eyes won´t be red tonig

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35 streak #1
Chapter 20: The date ended unexpectedly. But I sincerely hope that things between Jisoo and Jeonghan will be Allright.

Mingyu on the other hand is having a great start. Wonwoo is falling for him even if his subconscious disagrees.
35 streak #2
Chapter 18: The date is going well for Jisoo and Jeonghan. Now I can only hope that the same will be for Mingyu and Wonwoo. As the younger literary got so much information dumped on him, his minds seems about to explode.
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Chapter 17: It is funny and interesting to see how frustrated and Flustered they become. Their dynamic has changed, they are no longer enemies but good friends, even couples.

Hopefully Wonwoo is alright. He is my favorite character in this story, his troubles, curiosity and love life has me hooked.
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Chapter 15: Yaya, Mingyu will have another chance to get Wonwoo's heart. He is trying to think and act humanly. That has impressed Wonwoo who can't deny that the Mutant has become someone important in his life.

Excited for the date and have fingers crossed that none of them mess it up!
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Chapter 14: Hendery talked some sense into Wonwoo. Now he will act differently and will try to understand his teammates.

Ar those feelings blooming in Wonwoo's heart? Maybe he acted way too fast by rejecting Mingyu.
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Chapter 13: It was sad that Mimgyu got rejected and now he will spend decades being sad about it. Maybe if he had been bit more romantic, maybe then Wonwoo would at least consider their connection.

At least Jisoo and Jeonghan are doing a bit better. Jisoo has his chance to prove himself

I really hope that Wonwoo didn't mess up on purpose. Something sketchy is going on. Wonwoo betraying them would be awful, especially after finding out how much he meant to the team.
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Chapter 12: Mingyu shows that he really cares about the Saver by allowing him to see his thoughts. That is also a great chance to talk about their connection.

While I do feel bad for the new Saver, it is understandable that wonwoo would be mad. Even with best intentions, they managed to hurt him.
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Chapter 11: Wonwoo should not push himself too far or it will end much worse than the situation now. Luckily, Mingyu was there to help as much as he could.

It is ironic how both Jisoo and Mingyu have found the connection with someone else but still are ready to unleash their anger on one another for that.

Hmm, just a guess but maybe Taeyong is involved. Not a killer but someone to cover the tracks.
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Chapter 10: Wonwoo's plan might be a bit risky and crazy but it got them results, hopefully. Any information will be useful, even if it is just a small file or a photo of some random object.
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Chapter 9: The guys are right. Wonwoo needs rest, it is obviously taking a toll on him. His first official case is full with unpleasant surprises.

The numbers are a great lead. At least they have something rather than nothing.

Mingyu showed the most care to Wonwoo which is awesome as their bond grows deeper day by day and both of them don't even notice it.