10 - Mutant Dynamic

The Puppeteer
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Wonwoo groaned as his head banged painfully against the paneled wall of the kitchen. 
Jisoo grabbed him by the collar and pressed him against it. 
Wonwoo knew that he had made a mistake. 
He was ashamed of his ignorant behavior. Some fuse had blown in his head when Mingyu helped him regulate the upload, and it bugged him for days that Mingyu refused the download with him. He knew that Mingyu avoided it because of his feelings for him. But deep down, it had annoyed Wonwoo so much that Mingyu almost ignored him. Wonwoo tried to ignore the fact that he was almost longing for Mingyu´s attention, but he still did not give in to his interests. He showed him part of the information without the others seeing it, and he even deleted the file to have Mingyu upload it again. 
And thus forced Mingyu to upload it. 
Wonwoo knew his behavior was childish, but Jisoo's reaction was so intense that he got scared. 
"Do you remember our conversation in the car?" he whispered dangerously, and Wonwoo tried to remain calm. 
Jisoo was strong. Mutants were much more robust than humans, but they were also unpredictable when angry, so he had to stay calm. 
"Yes." Wonwoo whispered and lowered his eyes. 
"Did I tell you I'd rip your heart out if you played with his?" Jisoo growled.
"Yes." Wonwoo teared up. 
"If you weren't my co-worker and I considered you somewhat reasonable normally, I'd snap your neck. I'm serious about this, Wonwoo-ah. I told you. Our connections change after years, but they remain strong. You deliberately forced him into an upload for some reason. I don't want to hear any explanation. Do the upload, and I don't want to see him even near the computer or your tattoo. Do you understand me?" 
"I don't know where the problem is." Wonwoo lied. 
"Don´t come at me with a ing attitude now. You have no idea how strong my lead urge towards Mingyu is, so don´t try me." Jisoo growled. 
"I didn´t do it to hurt him. I didn´t think at that moment, hyung. I am sorry." 
Jisoo was staring at him. 
Wonwoo sighed in relief when Jisoo loosened his grip and left the kitchen. 



Mingyu was so angry that he felt dizzy. He knew that Jeonghan understood and would never blame him, but it was so incredibly humiliating for Mingyu that he would have liked to kill the Saver to prevent the upload. The thought that Jeonghan would have to control his instinct was driving him crazy, and he hoped that he would stay calm and that Jeonghan would only have to stand by. 



Jisoo was about to burst. He stood in the bathroom, shaking. This little human didn't know what he had done at all. Now, it was up to Jeonghan to control Mingyu.
When he arrived at the meeting room, he saw Jeonghan and Mingyu sitting on the couch. Jeonghan seemed to notice him, and Jisoo waved. 
Mingyu looked like he would drop dead at any moment, and Jeonghan approached him. 
Jisoo didn't know exactly how to start the conversation. 
"I know. I already tested the limit with him. I will take over if he loses control at this point of instinct." 
"I just wanted to say that... please be careful. Mingyu is ing strong when it's about his instinct." 
Jeonghan nodded and blushed. 
"Let's get this over with." Jisoo sighed, and both entered the room. 



Wonwoo sat down in front of the computer. He was so nervous that his hands were shaking. The atmosphere was explosive, and he understood that Jisoo was annoyed, but he felt such a wave of aggressive anger towards him that he felt like someone was pushing him to the floor. 
"Well, since we've gone through the evidence, let's upload it and then have lunch." Jeonghan said suddenly, walking toward Wonwoo. The youngest nodded, and after a few minutes, Wonwoo had uploaded everything. Jisoo also finished quickly because he had uploaded everything first thing in the morning and only had the meeting data. 
Mingyu stood up and walked toward him. Wonwoo turned to the screen and opened a new file. 
He suddenly felt uncomfortable and wanted to get the upload over quickly. 
Since the two of them had done this together a few times before Mingyu's confession, Mingyu knew what he had to do. 
Wonwoo swallowed hard when he saw Mingyu's eyes. He had taken the pills a few minutes ago to help Wonwoo download. The bright white mostly just distracted him. 
Wonwoo adjusted his head and started the saving process.



Mingyu tried to breathe calmly. He felt Jeonghan holding his mind steady. 
"Don't move. I can't download it otherwise." murmured Wonwoo, his breath brushing Mingyu's cheek. 



Jisoo sat nervously on the couch. Mingyu was tensed, and Jeonghan concentrated. The download bar was at sixty percent. 



He continued to try to breathe calmly. 
"Sixty percent." he suddenly heard Jisoo's voice and was grateful that his hyung was trying to support him. 
"You do this every time; don't move so much." grumbled Wonwoo again. Mingyu felt his hands on his chin, and Wonwoo moved his head slightly to the left. Mingyu felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck him, and he immediately followed Wonwoo's hand.... 



-Holy .- 
Jeonghan could barely block in time as that stupid little human got so close to him that their noses almost touched, and Mingyu´s instinct immediately kicked off. 
He gritted his teeth. Mingyu was indeed damn strong. He felt his instincts start to fight for control. Now, the worst part would begin. 



Mingyu's vision became blurry. All he saw in front of him was Wonwoo. And he was close. 
Mingyu smirked and enjoyed the hot feeling coursing through his body. He had not felt it for a long time. 
Calm down. I'll block you. It's okay. He suddenly heard Jeonghan's voice in his head but ignored him. Wonwoo was right in front of him. He had rejected him, but he didn't care. 
Mingyu hissed in anger as he tried to touch Wonwoo but couldn't move his arm when Jeonghan controlled it. 



Jeonghan had no choice. He had to switch from mind control to body control. Mingyu´s mind seemed to notice him, and his instinct shifted to physical domination. He hoped Wonwoo would not enter the part of Mingyu´s mind that would show him his condition. Jisoo nervously paced up and down behind Mingyu. 
Jeonghan knew this would be the most challenging 20 percent of his life. 
"Jisoo, I need some help. Mingyu´s instinct is ing strong." he whispered. 
"..." muttered Jisoo. 


Mingyu wanted him, and he knew he would have him no matter how many Controllers were in the room. He would still win the fight and put Wonwoo where he wanted him to be. 
- Calm the down! He is human! You´ll break every bone in his body! - Jeonghan almost screamed at him, and Mingyu's thoughts briefly cleared. 
"If you keep fidgeting like this, we'll have to start this all over again." Wonwoo sighed. 



Jisoo wanted to throw the idiot out of the window. He had no idea what kind of situation he was in and had the nerve to mention that he would do the download again. He could see Mingyu´s neck muscles flex. Mingyu's breath quickened, and he gritted his teeth. 
The Death Catcher stepped behind his friend. Jeonghan was sweating on the couch, and his eyes were closed. 
Jisoo was worried. Both seemed to fight for Mingyu's sanity. And Mingyu appeared to gain the upper hand. 


Jeonghan gasped as he used all his strength to fight Mingyu's instinct. The mutant was so aroused that Jeonghan didn't know if he could control him. 
Ninety percent. We're almost done, he whispered in Mingyu's mind but couldn't find it. Mingyu was only instinct and excitement. 



Wonwoo was annoyed. Finally, Mingyu kept quiet, but the file almost slipped his download. 
"95 %." he heard Jisoo's voice and wondered why he kept mentioning the percentage. 



Mingyu wanted him. 
Now, under him, or on him. Everywhere would be fine as long as he could have him. 
He fought with all his might against Jeonghan's control, gaining the upper hand bit by bit. He moved his finger. 



Jeonghan gasped. Jisoo looked at him worriedly. 
"Ninety-seven percent. You're almost there." he said. 
"I can´t hold him..." The Controller´s breath rolled over. 



Jisoo put a hand on Mingyu's shoulder as he saw him move his hand and raise it slowly. 
"Ninety-eight percent. Did you hear? Almost done. Calm down, please." He whispered but knew it was useless. Mingyu´s plasma was slowly turning blue. 



Mingyu knew that he could move—not much, but enough to get to Wonwoo—just a little more. He just had to lay one finger on him. 
- Please. Think of him. You will hurt him. - 
Mingyu's consciousness cleared momentarily when Jeonghan forced his mind into his own again. 
"Okay, all done. I guess that was the last file." he suddenly heard Wonwoo's voice and saw him pull his head back. 
Mingyu´s instincts won against Jeonghan the second Wonwoo turned away from him. 
There was no way he would let him go now. 



Jeonghan forced all his control into Mingyu´s upper body and pulled the other arm at least back again. Jisoo grabbed Mingyu, and Jeonghan knew how strong he was physically. He jumped back into Mingyu´s mind and tried to get him under control again. 
It worked, and Jisoo forced him to his feet and dragged him out of the meeting room. 



Wonwoo flinched in shock and looked down at the tabletop. He was about to pull the cable out of his slot when Mingyu grabbed the table's edge and.... broke it in two. 
Staring at it in surprise, he winced. 
Jisoo pulled Mingyu back. Jeonghan was breathing fast and seemed focused, and Mingyu's eyes glowed almost blue. 
And they stared at him with an almost maniacal expression. 
Wonwoo saw Jisoo wrap his arm around Mingyu's waist and pull him back. Mingyu seemed to struggle and continued to stare at him. Wonwoo heard a low growl from him. 
"Take him out." he heard Jeonghan's strained voice. 
When Jisoo somehow managed to pull Mingyu out of the room, Jeonghan seemed to slump down on the couch next to him. He was breathing heavily. 
"What... What's wrong, guys?" he asked, confused. 
"Never let him do or see anything you need to download again." he stammered and left the room. 



Wonwoo bit his lower lip, raised his hand, and knocked carefully. He wasn´t sure why he had come to his house. 
"Yes?" he heard an annoyed voice behind the door. 
"Can... Can I come in?" he asked cautiously. 
He heard footsteps, and Jisoo opened. Wonwoo was so intimidated that he staggered back, as Jisoo´s eyes were still dark—not as dark as before, but still grey. 
Jisoo stared at him. "Come in." 
Wonwoo had yet to learn what was going on. "How is he? He looked weird." 
"At home, and he's sleeping. Jeonghan is with him." 
"Is he sick? I could get some medicine?" Wonwoo suggested.
Jisoo laughed bitterly. "Sit down." 
Wonwoo nodded, and Jisoo came out of the kitchen with two beers. 
They both sat on the couch for a while. 
"What do you know about us mutants?" he asked suddenly. 
Wonwoo thought about it. "Well...you guys are stronger than us. You are getting much older, and of course, you have abilities we humans don't have." 
"What do you know about our ual behavior?" 
Wonwoo spat the sip of beer in his mouth all over the coffee table. 
"W-what?" he stuttered. Jisoo seemed to have anticipated his reaction and handed him a cloth. 
"What do you know about the way we build our connection physically? What do we like? What do we don't? What do we instinctively move by?" 
"Jisoo, this topic is not necessary." he stammered, trying to keep the sip of beer in his mouth this time as he took another. 
"You wanted to know what was happening with Mingyu, right?" 

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35 streak #1
Chapter 20: The date ended unexpectedly. But I sincerely hope that things between Jisoo and Jeonghan will be Allright.

Mingyu on the other hand is having a great start. Wonwoo is falling for him even if his subconscious disagrees.
35 streak #2
Chapter 18: The date is going well for Jisoo and Jeonghan. Now I can only hope that the same will be for Mingyu and Wonwoo. As the younger literary got so much information dumped on him, his minds seems about to explode.
35 streak #3
Chapter 17: It is funny and interesting to see how frustrated and Flustered they become. Their dynamic has changed, they are no longer enemies but good friends, even couples.

Hopefully Wonwoo is alright. He is my favorite character in this story, his troubles, curiosity and love life has me hooked.
35 streak #4
Chapter 15: Yaya, Mingyu will have another chance to get Wonwoo's heart. He is trying to think and act humanly. That has impressed Wonwoo who can't deny that the Mutant has become someone important in his life.

Excited for the date and have fingers crossed that none of them mess it up!
35 streak #5
Chapter 14: Hendery talked some sense into Wonwoo. Now he will act differently and will try to understand his teammates.

Ar those feelings blooming in Wonwoo's heart? Maybe he acted way too fast by rejecting Mingyu.
35 streak #6
Chapter 13: It was sad that Mimgyu got rejected and now he will spend decades being sad about it. Maybe if he had been bit more romantic, maybe then Wonwoo would at least consider their connection.

At least Jisoo and Jeonghan are doing a bit better. Jisoo has his chance to prove himself

I really hope that Wonwoo didn't mess up on purpose. Something sketchy is going on. Wonwoo betraying them would be awful, especially after finding out how much he meant to the team.
35 streak #7
Chapter 12: Mingyu shows that he really cares about the Saver by allowing him to see his thoughts. That is also a great chance to talk about their connection.

While I do feel bad for the new Saver, it is understandable that wonwoo would be mad. Even with best intentions, they managed to hurt him.
35 streak #8
Chapter 11: Wonwoo should not push himself too far or it will end much worse than the situation now. Luckily, Mingyu was there to help as much as he could.

It is ironic how both Jisoo and Mingyu have found the connection with someone else but still are ready to unleash their anger on one another for that.

Hmm, just a guess but maybe Taeyong is involved. Not a killer but someone to cover the tracks.
35 streak #9
Chapter 10: Wonwoo's plan might be a bit risky and crazy but it got them results, hopefully. Any information will be useful, even if it is just a small file or a photo of some random object.
35 streak #10
Chapter 9: The guys are right. Wonwoo needs rest, it is obviously taking a toll on him. His first official case is full with unpleasant surprises.

The numbers are a great lead. At least they have something rather than nothing.

Mingyu showed the most care to Wonwoo which is awesome as their bond grows deeper day by day and both of them don't even notice it.