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[ enchanted - taylor swift ] 


( second person's pov ) 


"The flight is in four hours, Miss Jimin. Do you want to attend the party downstairs?"


"Yes." is what you utter, even though you don't really see the need to.


You were leaving—leaving everything behind, and in four hours you'll jump upon a plane that would take you somewhere else, away from the place that you had pretty much spent almost all your life in. 


You are Katarina Yoo, after all—a wondrous and adventurous soul, and you hated being tied down into one place. 


The thoughts of adjustment upon other country leaves your mind as you step inside the halls of this mansion that you would leave behind, the mansion that you had inherited from your parents, and upon the news of you leaving all the relatives in the same city you live in immediately whipped up this small party for your departure. 


The Grand Hall, once widely sparse and almost empty and void of life is now filled with people to the brim, all cheering as you move down the large staircase that connected the first floor to your second—cold sweats fill your nape and your skin as you greet the people that celebrate your departure, whether sincerely or fake. 


Nevertheless, you do not mind about that as you mingle with the guests of this party thrown in your honor, and as your eyes scan upon the whole crowds, there you see her. 


No, you have not seen her before. Not in your life. 


So why are you walking towards her? 


Why are you staring at those brown orbs of hers, questioning you why you had approached her out of hundreds that are here right now? 


"Have I met you before?" you ask, never minding some of the guests' stares upon you and your actions as your hand holds her wrist tight, never minding how she stared at you wildly. 


"N-No, Miss..." she utters, and yet you grit your teeth, not persuaded by her answer as you proceed to drag her towards the exits of this Grand Hall, out of the mansion and into the gardens you had taken care of, breathing heavily as you look back and make sure no one had followed you here. 


"I... I feel like I had met you before. Please." You plead, though you do not know what you're pleading for, searching the answers you seek upon her eyes, and yet it turned rigid and scared, like she had done something to offend you. 


"Miss Yoo, I... I'm only a waitress in the party that you have." she says, clearly spooked of your behavior, but something in you snaps as you graps both of her shoulders, an attempt to shake her awake of whatever it is that's gotten hold of her. 


"Then... Then why do I feel like my soul is yours?!" you utter, and not even embarrassment could save you from the stares she has of you, of bewilderment, fear and shock upon the things that you had declared for her. 


"Miss Yoo, calm down—" 


"No, Minjeong!" you shout. 


Where did that name come from? 


You don't know where, but you're certain—you've seen her before, in your memories, in your dreams she had frequented in—


Or was it only delusions? 


A mirage of an oasis in the middle of a desert? 


No, you're sure of it. 


She's here. 


You need to be here. 


You need to be with her—


"Miss Yoo, my name is Chaewon, not Minjeong." she says, and the name finally snaps you out of your trance and you let her leave, the woman walking away scared out of her wits. 








Where did you hear that name? 


Where did you see her? 


Why does your heart break ever so slowly upon knowing that the woman named Minjeong isn't with you right now? 


Upon the moonlight that you stare upon, the ever mysterious Minjeong's face slowly shift upon your memory every passing second, that no matter how you hold on to her features, you can never remember her. 




Who is she? Your mind asks. 


You've never met her. 


Then how can you say that your soul is hers?


"I..." you utter, never knowing what to do next as the party livens up inside your manor, while you're outside and in the garden, wondering why there's a hole in your heart. 


"Who are you?" 




Hundreds of miles away, a woman wakes up, as if woken up from a nightmare that seemed too real. 


A name etched itself upon her mind, wondering why it took her too long to wake up, different tubes connected upon her as it had kept her alive all these years, but the name upon her mind seemed far more important to her than to question why she was in this state. 


"Miss Minjeong! She's awake! Call the doctors—" 


Minjeong selfishly held onto the wrist of the man who seemed to serve her, and with a weakly voice, she uttered words that sparked an unknown flame in the hole of someone's heart so far away. 


"Jimin Yoo. Find her, now."



This night is sparkling

Don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home







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