Timeless Souls

Songs Pre: Winrina Collection


[ youth - troye sivan ] 


"Run with me, Winter." 


("Run away with me, Winter." is what I hear, but I dare not voice it out and just say yes.)


Like a star, colliding with another, you crash landed upon me.


You are the most rebellious soul I had ever encountered, to the point that my soul yearned for more—you freed my caged soul gradually, until I ripped myself from the cage that had been built to imprison me upon limits to fly away with me.




Your voice, it is like a drug to me—full of wrongs, of flaws, of different vices that take hold of me faster than I could control them—and yet I let them take hold of me. I let them invade my senses, I let myself hear you.


How you looked upon the sunrise.


Wearing that usual sports jacket of yours over a shirt with its sleeves ripped off, tucked in upon slim fit sweatpants that made you taller than how you already looked, sneakers upon your feet that seemed to be twice bigger than what you usually wore—oh, how your smile seemed to be so much better illuminated in the sunlight.


You smiled at me, Karina.


Oh, how you smile at me.


Like we can take on the world.


"Relax. It's not like I'm asking you to run away with me just yet." you said with a grin, and yet I know you mean different. 


You offer your hand for me to take, as if it's a bigger step than what it is supposed to be—you wanted to go jogging this morning, after all—a step that I know I have to take. 


A step I want to take. 


No matter what. 


"Karina," I said with an unsure voice as I take your hand, the two of us walking together towards a certain distance until we both broke into a steady run, and you hum in reply, waiting for what I have to say next. 


Too soon. 


Too much. 


The feeling of being with you overwhelms me to the point that I feel like I'm losing breath, losing focus, losing everything in between as I stare at you, at your hair caged upon that ponytail you had put it to be and God, it drives me crazy—


"Winter? Okay ka lang?" you ask as you notice me lagging behind, and then I watch as you free your hair from the tie and then make the both of us stop running. 


You move towards me, your hair disheveled on both sides but still so utterly and so ing beautiful, you tie my hair and my heart beats loudly with every breath, with how you feel so close to me. 


"There. You okay?" you ask, and once again I could not answer as I stare ay you blindly, not really knowing what to say—


"Karina," I unknowingly call out again, "...my youth is yours." I utter, the lyrics of that particular song blasting against my subconscious as you smile, and it once again drives me crazy with just a simple gesture—


"Winter," you say, your hand ghosting over my cheek, and it's as if you can feel my heart beating so wildly against my chest, against my very skin, and you just smile yet again. 


Oh, how I fall in love with that smile. 


"I know." is all you say before you flick my forehead with such gentle playfulness and break into a run again. 


I copy you, running forward as fast as I can, and hold your hand as I catch up, a smile fleeting upon my lips, and there I utter words I know you so want to tell me. 


"Karina, run away with me."



My youth, my youth is yours

Run away now and forevermore

My youth is yours.


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