Our Love

Songs Pre: Winrina Collection

[ lights are on - tom rosenthal ]


tw: mentions of death, of end of the world


"At least I spend it with you."


The end of the world doesn't scare me, even as it rolls down upon my window slowly, and I could see the sun finally lose its luster, the heat almost unbearable while the coldness soon picked up, but I do not mind any single piece of it, for slowly I get lost in your eyes.


Those eyes that tell me of your fears, of your doubts, of you being scared of our upcoming end, and God knows how I want to embrace you right now, how I want to run to you and put you in my arms and hug you until the end of time, coming sooner than we both think, and my death does not scare me but you are.


Your fears scare me.


How I want to take all of those away.


How I want to assure you that everything's alright, that we aren't going to die by the upcoming second, like we wouldn't be scared to death right now, that there would be no pain or no suffering as the world's end draws in - but I can't.


The inevitable scares you.


The death that could not be stopped scares you to the point that you burst into tears in front of me, and I no longer fight the urge to hug you tight as I pull and draw you in my arms immediately, as if it could console your pain, a fool's attempt on trying to make you feel okay, trying to rip away the reality we have at the moment—but even I could not take it away. 


"Minjeong," you call out, as if it could hält everything, and I can only hug you tight as the world caves in upon us, and you desperately try to blink your tears off, staring at my face as it would be the last thing you'd see, just as how your beautiful face would be mine. 


"I'm yours. Always." you utter, and I let out a small nervous chuckle at your words, nodding at that as only the love for you grips my heart above anything else, and God... you look so beautiful right now. 


"And I'm yours... you're so pretty right now, Jimin." I utter, and I unknowingly wipe the tears that had started to fall upon my cheeks, and I could not even find any other words to say to you but just hug you tight, and there my resolve breaks, like a thin thread that had just enough. 


"We were just starting... why now... I don't want to..." I utter through all the whines and the crying, and you let out a laugh as you find our roles reversed, and I feel your hand caressing my back ever so gently, and I feel calm just by being with you like this. 


But it is never enough. 


Only our love would never stop what is about to come. 


And so I tiptoe upon the edge of my feet and put a small kiss upon your lips, sighing as I find you kissing back with equal fervor, my hand intertwining with yours, holding it tighter than ever as I feel it moving near—


"I love you." I utter. 


"God, I love you so much."



Build us a door

And rest here with me

There ain't no love like our love. 



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