Stay Here Forever

Songs Pre: Winrina Collection

[ right where you left me - taylor swift ]



If I could stop time, I already did.


How it hurt as I stare at you, slowly walking away like I wasn't even in your mind, like how it never hurt you to show yourself here and show yourself to me, broken and afraid, like it's by my own hands.


The sky was a color of beautiful this day.


How was it so beautiful, like you?


That even with the pain you've given me, you're still so beautiful as always?


"Karina, ayoko na."


Please, I begged.


I begged you to stop.


To let me love you like always, to let me continue loving you because that was what I wanted the most—and yet you did not let me. You left me, just as how night had always left day, just as how fast you were to come into my life, it was just as fast that you had left.




The question arises as I stare at you, my sanity slowly fading away, and it hurts me how you continue to walk away even as I expect you to look back.


Please, tell me where it went wrong.


Tell me why you leave me like this—


"I found someone else."


I expected you to be joking.


I don't know if this is only wishful thinking, or if I did not leave space for myself to be saved, to stay sane as you slowly walked away, like everything was slow motion—it was torture.


And yet everything was also too fast—and you went inside your car, graced with our memories I know you would take a long time to forget, and you sped away, leaving nothing but broken pieces of my reflection you destroyed so effortlessly with such few words.


You promised.


You promised that you would never hurt me.


And to leave like this...


What happened to us?


Who was she?


Who was she that made you forget all about me?


Winter, did you even love me?


I'm still here.


How can you leave me with only a few words that make me so miserable to the point that I don't even know what step to take next?


Karina, Karina, Karina.


The thought of you saying my name fleets upon my mind, and yet you feel so far.


Like everything did not really happen.


Like the love we had for each other was only a dream I had conjured upon setting my eyes on you.


And yet it was so painfully real—the pictures, mementos, memories you had given me, uttering words upon my soul, wondering what happened? Why did you want us to stop? Why did you find someone else?


You left me with a thousand questions that you had all the answers. 


You left me with so little words, and yet it felt like a thousand knives, all hitting me with little to no mistakes.


You left me no choice but to stay here forever, Winter.


Help, I'm still at the restaurant 

Still sitting in the corner I haunt

When I was still the one that you want


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