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[ mabagal - daniel padilla & moira dela torre ] 


"Dance with me?" she utters, and through the hazy fog brought by the active fog machine upon this stage, upon this event, Minjeong silently nods, standing up and fixing the dress she had sat upon for too long—no one had wanted to dance with her.


Well, except this girl.


Minjeong did not even know if this was possible—they were in a Catholic school, and she feared for the life of her if anyone would come and break them apart or even send them out as punishment—no, other girls were doing the same.


"Jimin," Minjeong voices out.


"Yeah?" the girl asks, wearing a dress that fit around her figure, and the girl looked so beautiful under the disco lights, illuminating her subtly and Minjeong could not help but stare, longer than a minute, longer than a second...


"Ang ganda mo." Minjeong utters, a faint smile gracing their lips as they swayed to the music, and it might be her vision tricking her, but she swears she saw wonderful and beautiful Jimin smile upon the compliment Minjeong had handed her out of nowhere.


"You're prettier than me, love." she voices out, barely a whisper as her lips ghost over Minjeong's ear—the girl does not want the compliment to leave upon her lips unheard, and Minjeong blushes at that.


"Pretty? Wala ngang gustong magsayaw sa akin." she says with a nervous laugh, and Jimin lets out a hearty chuckle as she pulls the woman closer, her hands put around Minjeong's neck while she wound Minjeong's hands impossibly close around her hips, the two of them closer than ever.


"I may or may not have spread a message to the men here na huwag kang isayaw ngayong gabi." she says, a mischievous smile upon her lips, and Minjeong raises a brow at that, a pout coming upon her lips that made Jimin laugh at her reaction yet again.


"And why is that?"


"Because you're mine. Should there be another reason?"


Putangina, Minjeong curses, and she could not control the smile that appears upon her lips and the chuckle that escapes her lips upon the girl's flirtatious remarks, and she looks up from her glee to see Jimin looking at her with a smile.


"You're making it hard for me not to kiss you right here with  those things you're saying." she says, like it isn't out of the norm, like it's the first time they're kissing yet again, like it's the first time they've met.


"Oh come on, Minjeong. Ayaw mo ba ng challenge?" Jimin remarks, both of them swaying upon the slow paced music gracing the halls in this promenade that they've attended, and Minjeong laughs as she moves closer yet again, ghosting over a kiss upon the woman's neck—a slight mark appears there, and Jimin's face had just turned redder.


"Hey, I like you. Alam mo na ba iyon?" Jimin says, her face and ears still red with affection and "kilig" from what Minjeong had just pulled off, and the girl just lets out a chuckle from that remark again.


"Yes, I know that, Jimin... otherwise it would be hard spending six years of high school with you, noh?" Minjeong says, and Jimin laughs yet again—oh, how effortlessly she could make her Jimin laugh, Minjeong notes.


Six years and counting, and yet both of them are still falling for each other over and over again.


"Gusto kitang isayaw ng mabagal..." Minjeong sung, now hugging Jimin closer and singing that close to Jimin's ears, the girl humming the melody of the song playing overhead at the moment—could the moment be any better?


Their hands intertwine with each other, still swaying upon the song, and the moment soon ends, but the two does not want it to.


"Take me away from here, Yooji." Minjeong utters, and her lover gladly obliges.


"Never really liked parties, anyway."



Gusto kitang isayaw ng mabagal

Hawak kamay, pikit mata

Sumasabay sa musika




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