Pleasant Imagines, Jinjoo

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jinjoo random family-friendly one-shots :) 

disclaimer: may be fluffy, sad, or angst. 


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disclaimer: one story can go up to 15k words...can be a whole book imo hawhaw so read slowly:)

i cried writing "How did 3 become 10?" help


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Chapter 33: No because if I can hug an au, I would hug this one tightly. I love it so much. I cried when Yujin tell her story to Minju and the fluffy moments they had at the beach was so cute. This is too realistic for me, everything here felt so real in my head. So perfect 😊 Thank you for writing this author. 🤍 Will read the next part of it.
Chapter 34: is this how a healthy relationship looks like? hope all XD
Chapter 33: this just stresses me sad and frustrated at the same time, thank god for mj and cutie yj 😮‍💨 and i’m sorry for not knowing a lot but deaf ppl really use hearing aids and they could hear? or is this like a different case?
Chapter 32: these are exactly my thoughts, loving someone for a reason is not bad per se but what if she turns out not what you’ve expected as time passes by? not like love could be constant but loving and accepting the person as a whole including things you do and do not know seems like the most plausible cause for a long relationship— unconditionally really does summarizes it XD
Chapter 30: you’ll also need a moon beb hhhh char XD
so adorable these two are :’)
Chapter 29: this one is just so so so sooooo cute. these two just perfectly fit well with each other. i also really like the fact that yj was willing to wait and be understanding and mj just trying to understand her feelings and slowly opening up 🥹 their progress was so fun and nice to read— it just makes my heart swell if that makes sense.

(i actually had hard time reading this due to my playlist while reading this, listening to unloving you while reading this gave me too much different feelings in one seating 🥲 well the giddy feeling prevailed either way! tysm for this, this would be enough to fuel me for the week to come— hopefully! XD)
Chapter 27: yuj is just really so soft and just too good for this world even in aus. (out of topic but yuj really looks soft and good irl. like ik that she’s very pretty already but her eye smile and smile would induce a lot of instincts in you— must protecc this kid and make her happy always sumn like that… what am i even saying bye ;-;)
Chapter 26: ah finally i was able to read this (it kept getting pushed due to my work deliverables but yes i got to finish this 🥹)

and wow— literally wow. the plot was simple yet with intricate details. the emotions of the characters felt so realistic and true. i was just amazed and had bunch of comments in my head while reading (can’t recall everything i thought of while reading ofc, my comment will still prolly be long tho XD)

so first, regarding mj and cw’s relationship. i won’t deny that they seem to have really loved each other but i feel like they’re more in-love with the notion of being with each other. do i make sense here? i mean sure they do love each other but it is almost like they expect from their partner and they need to be always wary of sumn (in this situation the soulmate thing with the eye color) that if not attained, their relationship might start crumbling (which happened, not surprised tbvh)

and cw hhhhhhhhhhhh i’m trying to be rlly understanding here but wth gerl you’re a gaslighter and a cheater. she never blamed anyone and always to point fingers at everyone like she was never at fault??? i want to tell her to stop that or i’ll break her finger, that rlly pissed me off. (especially when she told yujin off and that she won’t get minju even if they’re done.) well fyi stoopid she could’ve made a move but she even bridged the two of you and she had a lot of chances to try and express her feelings for mj but did she? she did not. you chose to meet hii behind mj’s back, you blamed yena for telling mj something you should’ve told, you blamed mj for not being able to see your eye color like srsly why don’t you also blame the author for the economic crisis? :D
and rlly rlly when she felt guilt all i could think was— DASURB. both her and mj had some sacrifice, okay. but does that warrant you to blame or reproach wtv sacrifice you did? i don’t think so beb

and as for mj— girl idk hhhhh. it always felt like she gave way too much in her previous relationship compared to cw. i’m not saying it’s all bad but rlly… it just feels off to me and i cannot fathom how she lasted long on that. it gives me the feeling that her prev relationship is a disaster waiting to happen idk XD (or maybe its a matter of perspective in this relationship? idk fr…)

lastly, yj. aaaahhhh hhhhh she really is the ‘why are we soulmates?’ embodiment for me. (mj and cw is more if ‘why are we not’ imo) doubts and thoughts such as not being the suitable one for the one you like. we get that thought a lot and more often than not ppl just say be the one suitable for your loved one but that is easier said than done. deym love sure is difficult ._.

not a full-blown lovestory just love and a story. i loved it hhhhh. it makes my heart full even if it is not full-on romantic— it felt deeper. tysm for this :D
Chapter 37: This is so cute! Such a serotonin boost! Thank you author🥰
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Chapter 37: i agree with comments below!! love this!!