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An ordinary love
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Jahoon: I know that people have been bothering me for a while and that I’m being viewed negatively by some, but I don’t think you need to follow me around everywhere I go. I believe that you have already scared all of the bullies away with your speech from before.

Yujin: Still~ I have to make sure that no one is trying to bully you when I’m not around you~

We were walking down the hallway on the way to our next classes. Even though she had a different class from me and the classroom was placed in the opposite direction from mine, she still insisted on walking me to my class. The more time I spend with her, the more I believe that she is a puppy and not a human.

Jahoon: What are you going to do when we have different classes? You can’t be around me the whole time, also you act like you are my girlfriend or something.

Yujin: I’m not your girlfriend yet?

Jahoon: First of all, you haven’t officially told me that you like me and second, you haven’t officially asked me to be your girlfriend yet, so in conclusion, I’m still not your girlfriend.

Yujin: Well, if I declare my love for you and ask you out right now will you then become my girlfriend?

Jahoon: No.

Yujin: Ah why?~

Jahoon: We haven’t known each other for that long of a time, so you should try to persuade me to become your girlfriend.

Yujin: Then will you accept going on a date with me after school? So that I can persuade you?

Jahoon: Sure but I'm gonna warn you that I'm not that easy to persuade.

We arrived at my classroom. I was about to go to my seat when Yujin suddenly grabbed my arm and stopped me.

Yujin: You forgot something.

Jahoon: What?

Yujin wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me into a hug while sneakily planting a kiss on my cheek. She then pulled away while cheekily smiling before running away.

Jahoon: Yah! You can't just leave after doing something like that!

I yelled after her but it was to no use since she was already gone. I grumbled to myself as I walked over to my seat. I sat down and saw people looking at me. I looked at all of them with a glare, making them look away from me. I just glanced out of the window but I couldn't help but smile at the thought of Yujin kissing my cheek. Unknowingly my hand reached up to my cheek to where the kiss was. I realized that I have slowly fallen in love with her.










Jahoon: Our classes ended at the same time and your classroom is all the way on the other side of the school, so how come you are already waiting for me in front of my class?

Yujin: It is just because my class ended a few minutes earlier, so I quickly made my way here to ensure that no one would be attempting to bully you.

I looked at Yujin with a raised eyebrow. I could see her face red and sweaty, probably from running her way from her classroom to here. I pulled out a handkerchief from my pocket and gave it to her. She took it with a confused look on her face.

Jahoon: If you say so but you know for me to actually believe it, you should probably wipe off the sweat on your face and also your face red from exhaustion.

Yujin: Oops! Well, now I have a good tip for next time.

Yujin smiled widely as she wiped the sweat away. After she was done, she was about to give me the handkerchief back but I pushed it back to her.

Jahoon: Keep it. It would be more useful for you than it would be for me. Come on, let's go. You wanted to bring on a date, remember?

We made our way out of the school and to the front gate, where other students were getting picked up by their parents.

Jahoon: Where are we going?

Yujin: Why don't we go to the arcade? I know it is a classic place for people to go on a date but you have to excuse me since I d

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