Mission truth

An ordinary love
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Jahoon: I didn't know that you were such an amazing cook.

Haewon: You are complimenting me too much but thank you. I tried my best because I only make the best of the best for the best girl in the world.

Jahoon: You are admiring me too much.

Haewon: I’m just telling the facts.

Haewon smiled widely at me. I mirrored her and laid my hand on top of hers, giving it a squeeze. I have to try and make her as comfortable with me as possible. That is the only way that I would be available to get to her phone without her noticing and to move on with my plan.

Jahoon: I know that I have spent a lot of time with you before but it is first after we started dating that I realized how much you meant to me. Even though I have been pretty much an idiot and overlooked your feelings, thank you for still loving me. I will try my best to return the same amount of love that you have for me but please wait for me.

Haewon: Don’t worry Jahoon. Take all of the time that you need. I don't want you to rush, also I'm available to wait for you as long as you need to. I have already been waiting this long to be available to be with you, much longer won't be a problem.

Haewon took my hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. I couldn't help but feel like her feelings were true towards me. That she wasn't actually meaning any bad. Maybe I was overthinking or maybe she just found the wrong way to tell me her feelings?

Jahoon: You said that your parents are out of town for a month right? That I could stay with you if I wanted? Could I take up on your offer if it's still in the air?

Haewon: Sure! I would love to have you here! That way I can spend more time with you. I will walk you over to your house after we finish eating, so we can get you some clothes and your school stuff.

We finished eating and made our way to my home. My parents weren't against me sleeping over at Haewon since we have done it before in the past. We returned back home and Haewon placed my bags in their guest room.

Haewon: As much as I want to have you stay in my room, I know that we have only been dating for a while and you deserve to have some private space too.

Jahoon: But I want to sleep beside you~

I pouted as I clung to her arm. Haewon's face began to turn red and she looked the other way while clearing , obviously flustered.

Haewon: Okay if you say so.

We moved all of my luggage to her room before she had to go to the toilet. To my luck, she left her phone at the bedside table. As soon as the door to the bathroom closed, I quickly grabbed her phone and searched for Wonyoung’s number. I was hoping not to find it but of course, luck wasn't with me. I clicked into their message and found out that Haewon had actually planned with Wonyoung to spread rumors about Yujin and me to try and spread us apart from each other so that Wonyoung could be with Yujin and Haewon with me. I heard Haewon flushing the toilet so I quickly wrote to Wonyoung before returning her phone to its place and acted like I was putting on th

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