An ordinary love
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Mom: Jahoon honey! Yujin is here!

Jahoon: Alright! Thank you, mom! I will be there in just a few minutes!

I looked at myself in the mirror as I fixed my uniform and appearance. I grabbed my bag and was about to exit my room when Jiwon entered.

Jiwon: Well well well. Will you look at that? I thought you were sick or something. Waking up early and taking interest in your appearance. I must say that you have completely fallen in love. It's just like they say; people change when they have fallen in love.

Jahoon: Unnie~ stop teasing me~

Jiwon: What? I'm just telling the truth! It has been a long time since I have seen my precious little sister being so interested in her own looks. Normally you would just roll out of bed and quickly wash your face, put your uniform on and then leave in a hurry with a piece of bread in your mouth since you are running late for school.

Jahoon: Unnie~

Jiwon: Alright alright. I'm just happy to see my precious little sister this happy but be careful Jahoon. This is your first relationship ever and trust me, from my own experience, sometimes everything doesn't look like what they are. Sometimes they can be one type of person with you and then some other type of person where they are cheating behind your back.

Jahoon: I know unnie and I'm still mad about your last relationship but I don't think that you have to worry unnie. Yujin is treating me really well and I have only heard good things about her.

Jiwon: For now… but still be careful Jahoon. I don't want to see my little sister going through what I have been through and see you sad.

Jahoon: I will unnie. I will.

I pulled Jiwon into a hug. She sighed and wrapped her arms around me. Jiwon was the type of big sister who always would tease you and act like they don't really care about you but when it comes to serious topics like dating, she would be overprotective and always make sure I'm safe and happy. We both walked downstairs to see Yujin sitting at the dining table and happily talking with our mom.

Mom: There you are Jahoon. I wondered what took you so long but seeing you now I know why. Yujin, my dear, you have really changed her. Normally she would still be asleep at this moment and her uniform and hair would be messy because she is always running late for school. You have changed her for the better.

Jahoon: Mom~ not you too~

Mom: I'm just telling the truth but I'm happy to see you like this Jahoon. Yujin I will allow you to date my baby but please don't hurt her.

Yujin: I promise Mrs. Heo I will never hurt her.

Jiwon: And I will personally make sure that you keep your promise because if you don't then I will personally hunt you down and make sure that your life is a living hell.

Yujin: Don't worry Jiwon unnie. I promise you that you will never see a tear coming from her eyes because of me or at least sad tears because I can't promise that she won't be crying happy tears. I love Jahoon with all my heart. I will never hurt her.

Jiwon: Better keep that promise. Alright, you two better hurry up and get to school before you are running late and taint Jahoon's new image. And

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