Far away

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Being a professional dancer, you had pride in your own skills. That is why when Halo called you to ask you to join her group which would appear on the competition show "Street Woman Fighter 2"


You quickly agreed and met up with the girls. You, Yeni Cho, Haechi Wang, and Chocol hit off right away which ended up with you and the rest of the group joking about how you guys were like siblings meanwhile Baby Sleek was the mother, Halo the father, and you, Haechi, Yeni and Chocol were the kids while Mini was the crazy and cool aunt who would let you guys do anything. 


The close bond between you and the other girls didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the crews on the show as well as the viewers. As much as it seemed like everything was going well between all of you from an outside perspective, not many people knew about the troubles that you guys have behind the scenes, and not a soul knew about your own personal problems. 


Follow the life of Kim Bora (OC) as you and the Wolflo crew work your way up to the top fighting against the other crews and your personal self. Will you guys overcome the problems or will the bridge between you and the rest of the Wolflo crew collapse as "Street Woman Fighter 2" ends?


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