I'm not giving up

An ordinary love
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I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents and Jiwon, eating our breakfast when suddenly someone rang on our door.

Mom: I don't think we are expecting anyone this early in the morning. Are you guys?

Mom looked at all of us but we just shook our heads. Mom stood up from her seat and walked over to open the door.

Mom: Jahoon honey! Your friend is here!

My friend? Who could it be? None of the girls were here in town right now. Some were in the countryside and some were out of the country, all visiting their families. So who could it be? I looked up from my bowl of cereal to see Yujin standing beside my mom with a big smile on her face.

Yujin: Hi Jahoon unnie! And hello Mr. Heo and Jiwon sunbaenim.

She greeted my dad and Jiwon with a big smile on her face. I bit the inside of my cheek as I looked at her with a glare. Why is she always following me around like a dog? I thought she would stop following me around after all that I have done to her.

Jiwon: Just call me Jiwon unnie. You are my precious little sister's friend after all. So that is why you asked me for our address yesterday. You are coming to fetch Jahoon, aren't you?

I snapped my head so hard to look at Jiwon, that I felt something crack. I tried to disgust it by holding a hand behind my neck and acting like I was cracking my neck but dad looked at me with such suspiciousness in his eyes, making me gulp. I just looked back at my cereal bowl and continued eating.

Yujin: That is right, sunbaenim! I mean Jiwon unnie! I also found out that we are not living that far away from each other, so we can walk together to school every morning!

Jahoon: Why are you so happy early in the morning?

Dad: Did you say something Jahoon?

Jahoon: Nothing! Nothing at all.

I chuckled nervously while waving a hand in front of me. My dad tilted his head to look at me but I just stood up from my seat and placed my bowl in the sink to wash it.

Mom: Well it seems like you came at the right time. Jahoon honey, just let your bowl stay in the sink. I will take it. You should go with Yujin to school now, instead of letting her wait here.

Jahoon: What about Jiwon unnie?

Jiwon: My first two lessons got canceled, so I will go later.

I smiled at her with my lips tightly closed together and then turned to look at Yujin, who was still looking at me with a big smile. I sighed and grabbed my bag from the end of the stairs and put on my shoes.

Jahoon: Come on Yujin. Let's go before we are getting late.

Yujin: Goodbye Mrs. and Mr. Heo. Goodbye Jiwon unnie.

Yujin bowed to my family and followed me right outside the house.

Yujin: Wait for me unnie!

I just continued walking d

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