Go for your heart

An ordinary love
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Jiwon: Jahoon? May I come in?

I didn't say anything but just continued to lay on my bed with my back facing the door. I hugged the teddy bear I was holding tighter to me in an attempt not to make any crying sounds for Jiwon to hear. I heard the door open up and closed again right after, indicating that Jiwon had walked inside. I felt the bed sinking down a bit beside me and her hand slowly caressing my hair.

Jiwon: I heard everything that happened between you and Haewon. I'm sorry that you had to experience all of this once again. I really thought that Haewon was better than that…. Jahoon… Please talk to me or at least look at me… I can stand to see my baby sister like this.

I just kept lying there for a while but of course, I knew Jiwon better than anyone. She wouldn't leave anyone, especially me, alone until she was 1000% sure that the other person was okay. I wiped my tears away and sat up in the bed while facing her.

Jiwon: Oh god…

Jiwon wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her while rubbing my back. All of the tears that I had built up before just spilled out. Jiwon was the only one that was available to get that kind of reaction out of me.

Jiwon: Just cry it all out… just let it all out… unnie is here for you…

It all went on for a while until I didn't have any tears left in my eyes. I pulled away from her and was about to wipe the rest of my tears again on my sleeve until Jiwon stopped me and grabbed a tissue and wiped them away for me.

Jiwon: You still have your bad habit. Unnie is sorry that she wasn't there to protect you. Both from Yujin and Haewon.

Jahoon: It isn't your fault, unnie. It's my fault for trusting people so easily.

Jiwon: And it's my fault for judging people too early and for trusting other people too fast. I trusted Haewon too much since we had known her for a long time and doubted Yujin too much to oversee how much she actually cares for you and how much she tried to prove herself to me and to everyone how she wasn't like how the rumors said she was. She came by our home every day to try and talk to you but I always stopped her… I have been so disrespectful towards her.

Jahoon: It wasn't your fault either unnie. You only did all of that to protect me and I know that Haewon and Yujin would be thinking the same.

Jiwon: But still I didn't do it the right way making my precious little sister have to fell some tears and have to get on bad terms with two other people who just loved you, probably just at much as me.

Jiwon looked away from me, probably blaming herself for everything. I grabbed her hands making her look at me again.

Jahoon: You did everything you could possibly do. Everything that people would call an amazing sister would do. But to me, you are more than an amazing sister. You are my hero unnie and I'm beyond the world of happiness that I have you as my sister. I couldn't wish for anyone else.

Jiwon: Oh Jahoon…

Jiwon wrapped her arms tight around me and soon after she was the one who cried. I smiled lightly and wrapped my arms around her while patting her back. Whenever you feel like you have fallen down and there is no way back, family is always there to help you back up. No matter what.












I was outside on my way to the convenience store to buy some snacks and drinks for Jiwon and me since we planned to have a movie night together. Our parents were out of town to visit friends.

Haewon: Jahoon!

I turned around to see Haewon running towards me. I turned back around and just continued walking, acting like I didn't hear her until I was stopped and turned around.

Haewon: Jahoon it has been a week now since what happened and I know that you still aren't over it but please hear me out for a moment. And if you don't like what you heard and want me to leave you alone then I will do it but please listen to me first.

Jahoon: Fine. We can talk while we walk.

When will you ever learn Jahoon? Haewon gave me a small smile of gratitude. We both walked side by side while staring in front of us. There was silence since no one knew what to say.

Haewon: I know what I did towards you was a terrible thing and I know that it isn't something that can be easily forgiven. I don't expect you to forgive me but at least you will be available to listen to my side of the story so I can get a little of my burden off me.

We arrived at the convenience store and walked inside. I grabbed a basket for me to get my stuff in but Haewon took it from me.

Haewon: Let me help you with it. I want to help you even if it's the last time that I will do it.

I just let her take it. We walked through the convenience store and I grabbed the things that I needed. Throughout Haewon explained how it wasn't her intention to do it but she kind of was forced to do it by Wonyoung.

Haewon: I have proof about it.

Haewon pulled out her phone and swiped around for a moment before she gave me her phone. I took it from her and read all of her messages with Wonyoung until the very end. She wasn't lying.

Haewon: Wonyoung approached me first and told me her plan but I didn't want to go on with it because if it were really in my destiny to be with you then you would already have chosen me but since you had chosen Yujin, I can't do anything other than to watch you guys. I can't force you to do anything or be with anyone if you don't want to.

Jahoon: Haewon…

Haewon: I only did all of that to protect you from Wonyoung. She wanted to hurt you if I didn't help her with it.

Jahoon: Why didn't you report it or anything? You could at least have told me so that I could help you!

Haewon: I know I should have told somebody about it but I was scared. I was worried that just one wrong step and you would be hurt and I didn't want that to happen.

I could see tears beginning to form in her eyes. I pulled her into a hug and patted her on the back.

Jahoon: It wasn't y

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