Forever yours
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Jahoon: She should be here already. Don't tell me that I have been stood up.

I sighed as I took the cup of coffee in front of me and took a sip from it. It was already 30 minutes past our meeting time but she was nowhere to be seen. Maybe something happened to her or she is in danger? Wait! Why do I even worry about her so much? It's not like I know her that much to already be liking her. I was about to stand up from my seat and go home when suddenly she walked inside the café, clearly out of breath. I raised my hand up in the air and waved at her. She made her way over to me and sat on the opposite chair.

Jiwon: I'm really sorry for coming late. I ran into some troubles while on the way here.

Jahoon: Troubles? Nothing bad happened right?

Jiwon: No no! Don't worry, nothing bad happened. It was just some small misunderstandings at my parents' company that I had to fix. That is all but I shouldn't bore you with the details. You called me here to get repaid after all. What is it?

She looked at me with her eyes glistening with interest. Just like the first time that we met, the first time that we spent together at the playground she makes me feel like I matter and are not a nuisance like other people.

Jahoon: I don't really want you to repay me back but I want to get to know you more. I don't know what it is about you but I feel like we have met each other before. Also, I kind of want to get to know more about you, so you can repay me back as spending the time with me today? Of course, you can say no if you don't want to! I'm not going to force you.

I waved my hands in front of her as I realized the way my words may have sounded to her. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was an idiot. I placed my head in my hands to cover up my embarrassed face. Suddenly I heard her giggle, making me look up to see her covering with one hand and giggling so her eyes turned into moon crescents. Something inside of me warmed up at the sight of her like this.

Jiwon: You looked so cute just now. Don't worry, I know what you mean and actually, I also wanted to know more about you. You seem like an interesting person.

Jiwon placed her head in her hand as she looked at me. I couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed, so I looked elsewhere and caught the attention of a waitress to order some more coffee for us.

Jahoon: So…. Why don't you tell me something about yourself and then I will tell you something about me?

Jiwon: Well my name is Kim Jiwon as you may already know and with all the formalities, I work at the Kim’s company which is owned by my parents. Currently, I'm just helping them until they have found the right man for me to marry and to take over the company.

Jahoon: So you won't be taking over but the man you marry? That is not far at all! You are their daughter!

Jiwon: You know how people in this society see women as owners of companies and just women in general. It is nothing to be heard of since they think women can't be good enough owners and have to be led by a man.

Jahoon: You should show them that you are compatible to lead too without the need of a man. I believe that you would be available to do it.

Jiwon: Awww~ How sweet of you to believe in me and by the way such smooth flirting. Trying to win me over?

Jahoon: Wasn't my attention but I will take the compliment. So you wouldn't mind if I try to persuade you to be mine?

Jiwon: Not at all. Not at all. I alre

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