The night is young

Forever yours
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Jiwon: So what are your plans?

Jahoon: Actually…I don't have any.

I could feel Jiwon turning to look at me after looking out of the window. I looked at her to see her looking at me with disbelief.

Jahoon: What is the point of going all free if you have plans? But of course, I do have some plans in store to make sure that we won't be getting caught and we can be together without worrying about anything. Don't worry. I got you.

Jiwon placed her head with a smile on my chest. I looked at her and smiled at her while wrapping my arms around her. I heard something rustling in the front and looked up to see Minho having closing windows and curtains, separating the driver from the passengers in the back. I smiled to myself. He knew me too well. I looked back down at Jiwon to see her looking at me.

Jahoon: Why are you looking at me like that?

Jiwon: I'm just happy to be with someone that I'm truly happy with. Thank you.

Jahoon: You shouldn't thank me yet. The night is still young.

Minho: We are here, boss.

Jiwon and I got out of the car while Minho parked the car somewhere.

Jahoon: Where is the best place to have fun, no other than at the amusement park!

Jiwon: Actually…. I haven't been to an amusement park before….

Jahoon: Wait! You haven't been to an amusement park before?

Jiwon: No, I have not. My mom wanted me to excel in a lot of things because she wanted me to be better than everyone else, so I didn't really have time to have what you would call a normal childhood.

Jahoon: That is so sad…well! Once shall be the first time. Come on! Let's go!

I grabbed her hand and dragged her inside the amusement park. I could hear her giggle beside me, making me smile widely. She deserved all the happiness in the world. We got to the center of the amusement park and looked around.

Jiwon: So Mrs expert, where should we be going first?

Jahoon: Well when you are at an amusement park there is one place that you have to visit first before going anywhere else and that is the gift shop!

We walked over to the gift shop and got all of the necessary things such as headbands, outfits, and teddy bears.

Jiwon: Are you sure that these are necessary things? I feel like I'm back to school with this outfit.

Jahoon: Well the headband is for everyone a necessary thing to buy when you are at an amusement park but the outfit and teddy bears… Well, it all depends on the person but I think that it is a necessary thing. Look at how good we look with it! And how cute this teddy bear is.

I grabbed the arms of the teddy and played with it. I heard Jiwon giggling, making me look at her with a confused look.

Jiwon: Your personality is very different from how you look. Cold and scary on the outside but a softie on the inside.

I could feel my cheeks beginning to heat up and I looked away while clearing my throat. I stood straight and just reached my hand out for her to take it.

Jahoon: I'm not a softie at all… come on, let's go on some rides instead. We should start off easily with the pirate ship.

Jiwon wanted to tease me some more but I just grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the ride.











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