Like Romeo and Juliet

Forever yours
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Jahoon: Stop here. They will just notice us if we drive too close.

I looked out of the window to see if anyone was around. It was late at night and most of the people had gone to their bed. I just hope that Jiwon hasn't yet. It had been about a month since I last saw her and I haven't been available to come in contact with her at all. I made my men search for her and I finally found her address. I hope the lack of contact has been because she is busy and nothing else.

Minho: Do you want me to come with you, ma'am?

Jahoon: First of all, how many times have I told you to stop calling me ma'am. It makes me feel old! And second of all, no I don't want to cause any unnecessary disturbance and this is also between me and Jiwon.

Minho: Of course. Our leader has gotten herself a little girlfriend~ someone to smooch smooch with~

Jahoon: Stop it. We aren't like that.

Minho: Yet.

Minho giggled, making me slap him on the shoulder and making him whine. I got out of the car and buttoned my jacket. I made my way down the streets while my hands were in my pockets and tried to avoid any possibility of people seeing me. I finally got up to her house and crouched over before sneaking to the back of the house and climbing the tree that was there. From the information that I have gotten, Jiwon's room was on the second floor of the house. Whoever saw me right now would think of me as a creep but I was only doing this because I was worried about her. I broke off a stick and began hitting on her windows since her curtains were closed and making any noise would result in getting my presence is known but, of course, it didn't work, so I had to use my voice a bit. Quiet for other people not to hear but loudly enough, so Jiwon would check her window.

Jahoon: Jiwon! It's me Jahoon!

It worked as the curtains to her window opened, revealing her in a confused state before looking at me with shock. She opened the window and looked behind her before looking back at me.

Jiwon: What are you doing here? What you are doing is dangerous, you know!

Jahoon: I will do any kind of danger if it means I get to see you.

Jiwon: You silly. Come in here before you fall off the tree or anyone sees you.

Jiwon opened her windows wide open. I made it to the edge of the branch, making sure that it had enough weight to support me before jumping inside her room quietly. I rolled forward and got up on my feet brushing away dust. I looked at Jiwon to see her looking at me with her hands covering .

Jahoon: What?

Jiwon stomped over to me and slapped my arm, making me whine.

Jiwon: You could have ended up in serious danger! Don't you ever dare do that again!

I looked at her with a small smile that slowly increased until I whined again when she kept pinching my sides.

Jahoon: Alright! Alright! I promise you that I won't do that again but you can't blame me. Also how else do you think I should have come inside without people noticing? was trying to get you to see me again. You haven't been contacting me at all for about a month.

Jiwon wrapped her arms around my waist and placed her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and placed my chin on top of her head since I was taller than her. I could feel that she was much in need of comfor

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