Forever yours
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Servant: Your highness! Your highness! There are some troubles in the city!

I was in my bedroom preparing to visit Jiwon and Jihoon when a right-hand servant burst into the room.

Jahoon: What are the troubles? Isn't it something that Minho can do?

Servant: He would be needed but your highness is also needed. Some of the people are becoming angry over the news of your son's Crown Prince title. The people think that the Crown Prince doesn't deserve the title because they think the Queen consort is a mere commoner.

Jahoon: How dare they question my availability to be the king?! Summon all Minho and all my knights to the main hall.

Servant: Yes, your highness.

The servant bowed to me before walking out of the room to follow my order. I sighed as I used one hand to rub my face. I didn't want to be a king who punish my people for something little like this but if they really were to oppose me like this and bring other fellow humans in danger, then I didn't have any other choice than to be in the army. I finished the last details of my outfit before walking out of the room with servants behind me to the main hall room, where Minho and the rest of the army were. Minho was the head of the army and one of my childhood friends. He has been with me through thick and thin.

Minho: Your highness, the people-

Jahoon: Spare your power. I have already heard enough about it. There are people daring to oppose my opinion but I don't quite know what to do. I don't want to hurt my people but I also want to stop them because innocent people are getting harmed.

Minho: Your highness, I have been inspecting the situation in the city and many people are suffering right now. At this point, the only thing we can do is to try and lower the number of people getting hurt.

Jahoon: Worse than I thought so... Any plans on how to fix this?

Minho: Your highness, I think we should be doing this.

Minho bowed to me before walking beside me and whispered his plan into my ear. I listened carefully to every detail. Just as I thought. He was the man that I could trust to be by my side and to make plans just how I wanted them.

Jahoon: Alright, I approve of the plan. Go and make sure that everything and everyone is ready for the plan in two hours. I'm the meantime I will be in the Queen consort's room.

I stood up from my seat as everyone bowed to me while I walked out of the room. I made my way directly to Jiwon's room where I knew that Jihoon also was there. I stood in front of the room and the servant was about to announce my presence when I stopped them. I didn't dare to enter the room. What was I going to say? I can't just go inside and say: "Hello my dear wife and son! There are people disagreeing with you being my wife and Jihoon my son and they also think you don't deserve the crown Prince title but don't worry! Your dad will just go into a war for it and maybe I won't come back!" I took a deep breath to collect myself before nodding. The servant opened the door for me and I got inside to see Jiwon sitting down at a table playing with Jihoon.

Jiwon: Jahoon! You are here! Wait... Please play with the crown Prince for a while.

The maid nodded at Jiwon's words. Jiwon got up from her seat and walked over to me with a worried look on her face. She grabbed my arm softly, making me look at her.

Jiwon: Is there anything wrong? Why do you look so distressed?

Jahoon: I'm not distressed. Everything is fine.

Jiwon sighed as she grabbed both of my hands, making me face her.

Jiwon: Jahoon...we have been together for a long time now. Don't act like you can hide anything from me because you can't. Now tell me what is wrong?

Jahoon: It's just that... I don't want you to know it....

I pulled my hands away from her and turned around so that my back was facing her. I coul

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