First family

Forever yours
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Servant: Your highness! Your highness!

I was sitting in my working room when one of my servants entered the room.

Jahoon: What is it?

Servant: The Queen Consort is currently sick and is asking for you.

Jahoon: She is sick?! Why do you first tell me it now?!

I got up from my seat and rushed over to Jiwon's room. When I got there, Jiwon was lying on the bed. She looked pale

Jahoon: How are you doing? Can you sit up?

Jiwon nodded and tried to sit up. I helped her and held her close to me.

Jahoon: Go and fetch the doctor now! Jiwon just held on for a bit more. The doctor will be here soon.

Jiwon nodded against my chest, but I could see her trying hard to do it, making my heartbreak at the sight. Finally, the doctor came and began the examination. I could see the doctor's face light up in surprise, making me worried.

Jahoon: What is wrong? Is she alright?

The doctor quickly moved away and sat on his knees, looking at the ground. I was about to grab the collar on his shirt but stopped at the next thing he said.

Doctor: Your highness… the queen consort is pregnant, your highness.

Jahoon: Really?! Do you really mean it?!

Doctor: Yes, your highness. I could feel another heartbeat when I examined the queen consort's heartbeat.

I turned to look at Jiwon, who was mirroring my expression. The doctor bowed to us and left us alone, but I didn't even spare him a glance of how happy I was that I was getting an heir.

Jiwon: I'm pregnant.

Jahoon: You are pregnant. You don't know how happy I am right now to hear that. Thank you, Jiwon. Thank you very much.

I pulled Jiwon into a tight hug and buried my face in her neck. I could feel myself starting to cry, but due to the pride I had, I bit my lower lip and tried to hold it back. We stayed there back for a while. I first pulled away when I made sure that I wasn't going to cry. I planted a kiss on her lips and pulled her back into a hug before laying us both down, talking about everything between earth and heaven. About if it is a girl or a boy and what we should call them.













Friend: Take it easy. She is going to be fine. You know she is a stronger girl than what she looks like.

Jahoon: I know, but still… I can't help but worry about her. Also, this is our first time what if-

My friend, who also works as one of my closest ministers, grabbed

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