First love

Forever yours
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Servant: Everyone rise for the almighty king! Our almighty king is here!

I looked up as the doors in front of me opened up. I walked inside and kept my eyes in front of me. People were bowing at me as I walked past them but I just kept a straight face on and tried to ignore them. I got to the end of the room and sat at the throne that was placed there. I glanced over at the servant and gestured for him to continue.

Servant: Let the girls enter.

I leaned my elbow on the armrest and propped my head on the hand. I sighed. I didn’t want to be here at all. If it weren’t for my dad’s wish for me to marry someone before he died. Which didn’t happen since he died abruptly. Girls began to walk into the room and all of them presented themselves for me but I wasn’t even listening to them since my thoughts were in another place. I shook my head slightly every time I was asked if I wanted to marry the girl.

Servant: Next!

???: Hello your highness. My name is Kim Jiwon.

I was looking outside the window when I suddenly heard an angelic voice, making me turn my face to look at her. A beautiful girl with black hair and a pink and white hanbok on stood in front of me. It felt like the whole world was stopping and the only people that were moving were me and her. She was smiling at me, making butterflies appear in my stomach.

Servant: Your highness?

Jahoon: Yeah?

I turned to face him as he looked at me with a questionable face. I raised an eyebrow questioning back.

Servant: Do you want to keep the girl for the next round?

I turned back to look at the girl in front of me. There wasn’t any sign of nervousness, only smiling at me. Even though I didn’t want to be here at all and just wanted to skip so I could be done with this but something in me wanted me to keep her. Getting her to know even more. I smiled lightly and nodded my head.

Jahoon: Yes. K

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