Overseas promotions (part 2)

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Wonyoung: See, Jahoon unnie. Nothing happened at all. I have gotten much better at Japanese since that small "accident". I could easily have helped you with learning Japanese unnie.

Jahoon: Alright alright. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you. I'm really sorry, my princess.

Wonyoung crossed her arms while playfully glaring at me. I giggled at her and bowed down to her with one arm in front of me like how you would bow to a royal. When I got back up to standing straight up, I could see Wonyoung with a big smile on her face.

Gaeul: You two are really weird.

Jahoon & Wonyoung: Look who's talking.

Wonyoung and I gave each other a high five while Gaeul playfully sulked at us. The other girls laughed at our childish antics. It was all a normal day in our life.











I was sitting at the desk that was in our hotel room while reading up on the stuff that I was missing in uni because of our overseas promotions. Wonyoung was over in Yujin's and Gaeul's room doing a V live with them, meanwhile, Liz was sitting on her bed in our room while watching a movie or something on her tablet.

Liz: What are you reading on unnie?

Jahoon: Just some law books for my uni. I didn't want to miss too much being away from the lesson so I thought I should self-study a bit but to be honest it is a bit too easy that I'm beginning to become bored. So you want to go out and explore Japan with me?

Liz: Sure! Perfect timing after all since I just finished the drama I had been watching. Wait for me for a moment, unnie. I just need to change clothes and put a little makeup on.

Jahoon: No stress. Just take your time. Unnie will always wait for you.

Liz smiled widely. She hopped out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Meanwhile, I put my books away and took out my phone to scroll down my social media. There were a lot of people commenting on our latest photoshoot we did for an ad. There were a lot of good comments about us but of course, my mind would only be focusing on the bad comments and especially those about me. I don't deserve to be a part of the group. I'm talentless and ugly. They are all right. I don't even know why I was chosen to be in the group. Our CEO was probably drunk when he decided it.

Liz: You're looking at the hate comments again, aren't you?

I turned to my right, surprised to hear Liz's voice close to my face. She stared at me with a face that I couldn't bear to lie to. It wasn't like she was acting cute with puppy eyes. You could clearly see the genuine worry on her. I stared into her eyes for a moment before sighing.

Jahoon: I'm that easy to see through?

Liz: For me yes. I know you too well than what you think unnie. You have this special frown on your face whenever you read or experience something that is not good but you believe is the truth. Like those hate comments for example. All of those hate comments under that post aren't true at all because I know for a fact that you are the most amazing person in the world and deserve everything that you have now. Please don't listen to any of them and twist them in your mind to think that what they are saying is true because they aren't. No matter what people say, you will always be the most amazing and greatest person in my eyes.

Liz cupped my face with her hands and smiled at me brightly. I couldn't help but tear up a bit but being the person that didn't want to show feelings in front of other people, I just ate it all up and smiled back at her.

Jahoon: Thank you Liz for believing in me… but one thing tho.

Liz: What is it unnie?

Jahoon: That is usually something I would say to you. Awww~ My baby Liz has grown up so much~

I pinched Liz's cheeks making her whine a bit but still smiled neither less. We walked out of the hotel and began wandering around the streets. Of course, our mask was on since one, Covid wasn’t completely over yet and two, because our manager would have killed us if we didn’t. It seemed like we were lucky with our timing because there seemed to be some specia

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Chapter 12: Oh this could have blew up so badly happy it ended well
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Chapter 10: Aww this was cute 🥺😭
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Chapter 3: Okay honestly that is very sweet and is definitely something to cry over 🤣