Overseas promotions (part 1)

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Jahoon: So this is really what the airport looks like.

Yujin: Unnie, haven't you been to the airport before?

Yujin walked beside me and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head at her and kept looking around as we continued to walk forward.

Jahoon: Or even being on a plane for that case. I never really had the privilege to go on a vacation even if it were to another city here in South Korea. My parents weren't well-off. I was their only child, so they worked their butts off to be available to send me to school. The thought of them working hard for me made me want to pay them back by studying well, so that is what most of my life has been with before becoming a trainee.

Yujin: Unnie…

Jahoon: Hey hey. No need to be sad about it. That's just how life is and all of that was in the past. Now is the present and the future, so let us enjoy the time we have together right now. Okay?

I wrapped an arm around Yujin's shoulder and pulled her closer in a joking manner. Yujin giggled and wrapped an arm around my waist with a nod. I looked behind me and saw Liz walking a bit behind all of us. Even though we have been together for a while now, she is still the same small shy kitten as when we first met. I walked a bit slower than before with Yujin until Liz caught up with us and wrapped an arm around Liz's shoulder, making her a little surprised.

Jahoon: Come on. Let's go together.

Liz smiled and nodded at me as she wrapped her hand around my hand that was hanging from her shoulder. We made our way past the check-in and we were let off by our manager to wander wherever we wanted to but had to come to our departure gate when the time came. We all split up, making me end up walking around with Yujin and Liz. Everything went fine for a while because we were all introverts and also having kind of similar tastes.

Liz: Jahoon unnie~ what do you think about this dress?

Jahoon: It looks pretty on you Liz! You should totally get it.

Yujin: But I thought that you thought I was the prettiest one?

Yujin came out from between the clothing racks with a pout on her face. I looked between her and Liz before sighing.

Jahoon: You are both pretty girls. I'm so lucky to be on a team with you guys. I couldn't wish for anything else. Now go on and choose a dress or something that you want. Unnie will buy it for you.

Both Liz and Yujin squealed in happiness, making the people around us look at us with weird looks but I could care less since their happiness was my happiness. Maybe a bit too much happiness since they each came to the cashier with their arms full of clothes while I only had a few that I could hold in one hand. My wallet is going to have a hole in it. We made our way back to the gate and got on the plane. On the way to my seat, I kept looking around in awe.

Rei: Unnie~ you look like a kid in a candy shop.

Rei looked at me with a wide smile as soon as I sat down beside her. I nodded at her and kept looking around.

Jahoon: I am. I have always wished to be on a plane and now my wish is completed. I can finally die peacefully.

Rei: Don't unnie~ you are still important to me, to us, so don't die yet.

Rei giggled as she wrapped her arms protectively around me, making me giggle with her.

Jahoon: By the way Rei, now that we are going to Japan could you maybe teach me some Japanese words and sentences that I could use?

Rei: But you are already good at Japanese unnie?

Jahoon: But not as good as I wanted to be yet. I don't want to embarrass myself the same way Wonyoung did with her old group when she called Nako sunbaenim a "ert".

Wonyoung: Hey! That was an accident! Also, I'm good at Japanese too unnie, you cou

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Chapter 12: Oh this could have blew up so badly happy it ended well
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Chapter 10: Aww this was cute 🥺😭
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Chapter 3: Okay honestly that is very sweet and is definitely something to cry over 🤣