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Manager: Girls! Gathering in the living room! Now!

I got up from my bed and closed my laptop. I got out to see that Liz and Wonyoung were already there waiting. I sat down in between them and waited for the other girls to join us. When we were complete, our manager began to speak again.

Manager: You guys are doing so good right now on the charts with your song that your fame has skyrocketed in the air! This also means that there are a lot of companies who want you guys to advertise for them. In fact, there is already a photoshoot waiting for you guys next week. So for now, just keep up the good work and practice some more. I will see you guys around.

Our manager walked out of the dorm, leaving us all alone. I looked around to see the happy expressions on the girls' faces. They all looked like little girls in a candy shop.

Leeso: I can't believe that we are going to have a photoshoot! I have always believed that photoshoots were for big celebs but now I'm going to do one myself!

Gaeul: Exactly! We have to practice a lot to make it look good. They trusted us with this.

Liz: But I'm kind of nervous that I won't be doing good. What if it all turns out weird and they get disappointed in me?

Liz's expression turned into the worried cat expression she had. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her into an encouraging hug.

Jahoon: Don't worry Jiwon~ I know that you are going to do good. Just look at your debut photos! They were amazing! I even liked this pose of yours.

I stood up and did the iconic pose of Liz that we are always teasing Liz with. Her ears began to gain the color red and she covered her face while laughing. I felt proud of myself that I could make her laugh, though I feel proud of myself whenever I make someone laugh.

Jahoon: But even though, I know that you are going to do great Jiwon. And not just by great but you are going to do amazing! If that isn't enough to make you believe in me then we could perhaps have Wonyoung and Yujin teach us a bit more? You guys have a bit more expertise in this than we have.

Yujin: Of course unnie! I'm always ready and happy to help you. I mean all of you.

Wonyoung: Me too unnie! You can ask for my help anytime you want.

Wonyoung smiled widely as she wrapped her arms around my arm. I glanced over to Yujin to see her grimacing but stopped as soon as she noticed that I was looking at her. I just shook it off, thinking that she was just cringing over Wonyoung's aegyo. During the rest of the day, Yujin and Wonyoung helped us by teaching us some poses that we could use during the photo shoot, making us all ready for it.










Jahoon: Wow~ Jiwon~ you look so amazing right now~ you look like a goddess!

I sat on the chair beside Liz and looked at her side profile while she got the finishing touch to her makeup. I had to admit that she looked like an angel right now but to be fair she always looks like one even without makeup. Liz's ears began to turn red but she couldn't cover her face in embarrassment as she always does. I looked up at our makeup artist to see her chuckling at our actions.

Liz: Unnie~ Don't embarrass me like that~ I don't look that good… the person here who actually looks like a goddess is you unnie.

I looked at her surprised when she had that smug expression on her face. Then she laughed, making me laugh too.

Jahoon: Well that is one way to turn the table around. How are you feeling Jiwon? Still nervous for today?

Jiwon: Yes, I'm still nervous but not as much as last week when we found out about it. If it weren't for you unnie then I would have been a total wreck right now.

Jahoon: Nah~ you are just giving me too much cred

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Chapter 12: Oh this could have blew up so badly happy it ended well
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Chapter 10: Aww this was cute 🥺😭
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Chapter 3: Okay honestly that is very sweet and is definitely something to cry over 🤣