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Manager: You are going to do well Jahoon. You don't need to worry.

Our manager looked at me for a quick moment and patted my shoulder before he turned his attention back to the road. I took a deep breath and sighed. Today I was going to have my first-ever solo schedule on a talk show. As if that wasn't nerve-wracking in itself, I also had to be on a show with Kara!!! (A/N: I have grown up listening to Kara's songs and am still much happy about their comeback, so no judgment 🤨😅) They have been my idols since the day I was born! Maybe not since I was born since I was already about 7-8 years old when they debuted. I remember my mom saying that whenever their songs were played on TV I would always stop crying or begin to dance. She even showed me a video that she had taken of me dancing to their debut song break it. Whenever they were on TV, I would always watch them and dance with them while making sure that no one was going to change the channel to watch something else. And now I was finally going to meet them! Hopefully, it won't end up with me going to the hospital because of a heart attack. When we arrived, we got out of the car and into the building that we were going to record in. On the way, I bumped into other sunbaenims but my gaze was only focusing on finding the Kara members.

Manager: Are you looking for something? Or should I perhaps say, someone? Don't worry you will get to see your precious idols soon. Let's instead get you ready in your waiting room.

Our manager smiled at me as he used his elbow to poke me in the side. I pressed my lips together trying not to show any embarrassment of him catching me in the act. We made our way to the waiting room and did all of the makeup and boring stuff that you had to get done before appearing on TV. While waiting for me to get on stage I received a message from Gaeul. She was telling me to not worry about messing anything up and that she would be cheering at me from home that everything will end well. I was thankful for the girls. Even though we weren't together, they would still be cheering at me and I knew that I always had them to fall back on if anything ever happens... well unless I commit a murder of course. I texted her back to thank her and wished that she would have a quick recovery so we could do a show together in the future. She had tested positive for Covid sadly, so she had to quarantine herself away from us.

Manager: Jahoon! It is time for you to shine now! Let's go!

Jahoon: I'm coming!

I placed my phone back in my bag and checked myself in the mirror one last time before walking out of the door. Our manager and I made our way backstage as some of the staff members came over to put a mic on me.

Manager: Now I know that you will do a good job up there but focus on what the others are saying also not only fangirling over the Kara members.

Jahoon: You know that I will try to keep myself as professional as possible. But of course, if they ask me about them I couldn't help but not fangirl.

Our manager sighed and just smiled at me as he patted me on my shoulder. A few seconds later I was called onto the stage and the filming began.







Hodong: Jahoon, right? I heard that you are a big fan of the Kara members? That they even inspired you to become an idol.

Jiyoung: Really?!

I nodded embarrassed and tried my best not to look at the Kara members. I didn't dare to look at their reactions. I could feel my face heat up and glanced over to the review screen to see my own face all red.

Heechul: Awww~ look at her. You can see how much she likes you guys. Youngji! Try to make her comfortable.

Youngji: Don't be so scared~ we won't bite~

Gyuri: Unless you want us to.

Everyone burst out laughing at Gyuri sunbaenims comment as I tried not to melt down from all the embarrassment that I was currently feeling right now.

Heechul: Don't worry Jahoon. It is normal to feel embarrassed whenever you meet your beloved idol. Why don't you instead tell us what makes the Kara members so special that you fell in love with them especially and how they inspired you to become an idol?

I looked at Heechul sunbaenim with a grateful feeling. He was really living up to his reputation of being a ladies' man and taking care of other fellow idols. He kind of made me feel safe, so I could fully express myself without any worries. If it weren't for him being here then I would probably haven't said a word during the rest of the filming due to embarrassment.

Jahoon: Kara sunbaenims were the first heard group I ever heard about from the time I was born. I watched sunbaenims debut at that time with Break it and had followed each of their songs released up until now. Having them reunite for their 15th anniversary was like a dream come true for me. There is just something over them that I can't describe. They have this special aura over them that I haven't felt with other girl groups and their songs are just up my alley, so it was hard not to fall for them.

Sangmin: Who is your favorite member Jahoon?

Jahoon: Seungyeon sunbaenim. My room at that time would be filled with her photos and I would always try to be available to see her whenever they had their fan meetings. I even learned Kara's sunbaenims dances by focusing on her.

Hodong: Sounds

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