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Yujin: Are you okay Jahoon? You know that you can always talk to me if you have any problems.

Jahoon: I know unnie. There is nothing wrong, I'm just worried about messing up our debut. I don't want to be a burden to any of you especially when I'm the oldest here.

Yujin: Unnie, you know that you don't have to be alone with your worries. It's okay to tell other people about it.

Jahoon: When did you suddenly become this mature?

Yujin: Unnie~

Jahoon: I'm sorry. Come on, don't be so sad about it. Let's go to the others. They are probably in the dance room waiting for us right now.

I got up on my feet and dusted myself off after having been sitting on the floor. Yujin wrapped her arm around mine, letting us walk together to the dance room. I opened the door to see only Liz and Leeso inside.

Jahoon: Where are the others?

Liz: I think Gaeul unnie is still doing her lesson and I saw Rei in the cafeteria before I came here, but I haven't seen Wonyoung unnie.

Wonyoung: I'm here.

Yujin and I turned around to see Wonyoung right behind us. Rei and Gaeul were making their way towards us.

CEO: Just in time. I actually wanted to see all of you guys today. Let's go inside.

Our CEO walked past us and gestured for us to get inside the room. We walked inside and sat on the floor, all seven of us.

CEO: The reason I want to see you guys is that you are all confirmed to debut in three months.

We all looked at each other with surprise. I couldn't believe my own ears. I was going to debut. Our CEO left us alone to celebrate our debut among ourselves.
















Tomorrow is finally the day that we are going to debut. We were all at the practice room practicing for the last time before finally going on stage but I have to admit that I wasn't feeling well right now. None of the girls knew about it since they all have a lot on their plate and I don't want to burden more.

Dance teacher: Alright everyone! The break is over now! Let's go over the dance one more time.

We walked over to our spots but suddenly I felt too unwell to cover it up. I ran out of the room and threw up in the trash can outside. I heard the door to the room open but I was too busy throwing up to look who it was.

Gaeul: It is okay. Just let it all

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Chapter 12: Oh this could have blew up so badly happy it ended well
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Chapter 10: Aww this was cute 🥺😭
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Chapter 3: Okay honestly that is very sweet and is definitely something to cry over 🤣