The beach

To Love and to cherish
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Kyuhyun drove to Gangneung-si to start their seaside trip. Ryeowook had packed breakfast for them, including grapes from their own garden,and prepared a flask of coffee for her driver husband.

It would take approximately 2 hours, 23 minutes to reach Gangneung. Along the way, Ryeowook has been feeding grapes to her ever hungry hubby because he said "the grapes were seedless and sweet, just like my wife".

Ryeowook read that Gangneung is a coastal city with the scent of pine and coffee permeating throughout. The dazzling East Sea and lush pine forests are Gangneung's gifts of nature. It has a diverse cultural heritage and has recently become known as a city of coffee, adored by seasoned travelers.

They would be staying at Dawoo Resortel, and the beach was just a stone throw away. Facilities include free parking for guests, free WiFi, and a beach view with morning sunrise.

They finally reached Dawoo Resortel and true enough, Ryeowook could see the sea from their room! When she was in Incheon, she did see the harbour, but this was the first time that she was so near to the eastern sea!

"Kyu,  it's beautiful!! Can we walk along the beach later?" she asked her husband with her big eyes, excitedly.

"Yes, later. But right now I'm hungry...." he said casually, walking towards her. 

"Ohhh, I put our carrier of food at the kitchenette. I can take out the food...." she told him, while starting to walk to the kitchenette, but was stopped by him.

He hugged her from behind and slowly turned her around "I'm hungry for you... not the food" he grinned coz his wife was so cute.

"Ohhhh... " she giggled and smile shyly.  

Kyuhyun chuckled and hugged her, and carried her to the bed while sloppily kissing her along the way because both of them were laughing!

They finally stepped out from their room about 2 hours later, fresh after a warm shower. Kyuhyun insisted that Ryeowook put on thicker jacket as the weather was getting windier and colder.

"Wowwww, the air is fresh and the sea is so beautiful!!!" she took a deep breath and smilingly admired the scenery. 

Gangneung is located to the east of the Taebaek Mountains, and towards the far horizon at the east, is the Sea of Japan, and because of that, Gangneung has cooler climate in summer due to the vast open sea. The southern side is connected to Donghae City, where there are two major ports: Donghae Harbor and Mukho Harbor. So Gangneung sea is free of big ships and indeed a relaxing beach for visitors. 

Kyuhyun squeezed her hand gently "Yes it's beautiful,  isn't it? I'm glad we choose this place" he smile warmly.  He felt happy that his wife was happy.  

They started strolling along the beach. Kyuhyun smile at her "Ryeong..."

"Hmm?" Ryeowook turned to face him, smiling too.

"What do you think of me before our wedding...?" he asked as they continued strolling slowly across the sandy beach.

Ryeowook thought for a while before replying "Halmeoni has been talking about you and showed me your photo, so I eventually started to accept you in my heart. But I wasn't sure whether you will accept me. I was actually doubting myself that I will receive love and care, so I told myself just be happy with whatever I receive and learn to love you and be a good wife...."

Kyuhyun smile warmly at her "I really love you and care deeply for you, Ryeong. You are my life now and I cherish you forever" and squeezed her hand again. 

"I know and I could never thank God enough for giving you to me" she smile sincerely. 

"But how did Halmeoni introduced me to you?" Kyuhyun asked curiously. 

"She showed me her galary of photos of you a few times! You know, she kept all your family photos in her phone! She always talked fondly about you and how proud she was about you being a successful in your career. She told me that you have a soft heart, and actually a very caring person, just that you were too busy to find a girlfriend.  Then one day, she told me that she wanted you to be married to me, and that she would die happily if both of us are happily married.  I told her that I'm just a country

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