To Love and to cherish
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Ryeowook experienced never-ending surprises. The business class seat was luxurious, the air stewardess addressed her by name, she was given a lovely cocktail drink before the plane took off, and when the plane was on air, she got a bouquet of rosses!! 

"Kyu, you arrange for all this?? You don't have to!!" Ryeowook said with surprised. 

Kyuhyun was seated next to her and reached for her hand and kissed it "We are on our honeymoon, so it need to be sweet!" he grinned. "Let me take a picture of you with the rosses" he took out his phone from his backpack. 

Ryeowook felt shy as a stewardess passed by and smile at them, and then offered to take their photos. Ryeowook thanked her and placed her bouquet carefully at the edge under the plane window. It felt like a dream, and thanked God for all the good things that she received. 

She got scared when the plane hit with some turbulence, and Kyuhyun reached over and grasped her hand. "It's okay Ryeong, don't be scared. I'm here okay" he assured her, and he reached over to pull her closer to his side. The disadvantage of business class was, the seats were bigger and they couldn't be close together as everyone were required to fasten their seat belt during turbulence. 

They reached Charles de Gaulle Airport the next morning. Ryeowook thanked God that they had reached Paris safely and when Kyuhyun reached over to kiss her forehead and whispered "Welcome to Paris" and reached for her hand, she smile and gladly placed her hand in his, and they walked out together, to the immigration and thereafter to retrieve their luggage. 

"I've made reservation to rent a car. Wait here, Ryeong, I call the car company" Kyuhyun placed their 2 luggage near a seat and led her hand to the seat so that she could sit down. 

"Kyu, are you familiar with Paris roads?" Ryeowook asked curiously. 

"I've driven around Paris twice before, but those were a few years back. Now with GPS, I think should be okay" Kyuhyun grinned at her while dialing the car rental company. 

Ryeowook texted her sister-in-law to inform her that they had reached Paris safely, and now waiting for the rented car. She chuckled when she received Ahra's reply, because other than wishing her to have an enjoyable honeymoon, Ahra also added "and do come back to Seoul pregnant okay!!"

"Why...?" Kyuhyun turned to her after his call.

"Eonnie Ahra wished us a happy honeymoon and for me to come home pregnant" Ryeowook giggled.

Kyuhyun laughed and sat next to her and pulled her shoulder to him "So shall we try to make it happen?"

"I want it to happen naturally and I don't want to feel stress about it...." she said shyly.

Kyuhyun chuckled "Of course, me too, I want it to happen naturally. We'll enjoy our honeymoon as well as try to make our baby here in Paris okay?" he . 

Ryeowook smile shyly and nodded. Meaning there would be more intimate moments with her husband. She loved it of course, but she also wanted to go sightseeing!

Kyuhyun phone rang and after he answered it, he told Ryeowook that the car would be here soon. He pulled their luggage and gestured for her to hold his hand. 

Once the car had fetched them, the driver brought them to the car rental office, where Kyuhyun had to sign some papers, and then, they could start they journey.

Ryeowook has been taking pictures of the beautiful old buildings of Paris.  At a junc

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