Lost and found

To Love and to cherish
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Set in the 18th arrondissement, the charming hilltop Montmartre district (also known as "La Butte") is a former artists' village once inhabited by Picasso and Dalí, and home to the domed Sacré-Cœur basilica. There are sweeping views of the city from its steep, winding streets, while the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret below draws tourists and nightclubbers. Retro-cool bars and eateries dotted the edgy Lamarck area.

"Wow, Montmartre is really something!" Ryeowook looked around happily. "Ahhhh, so Moulin Rouge is here! I see I see" Ryeowook said to herself while slowly walking towards the entrance to peek how does it look like on the inside. 

Kyuhyun had alighted her first and had asked her to wait for him there at Moulin Rouge, because the public parking area was quite far and he didn't want his wife to walk too far.

Ryeowook stepped into Moulin Rouge entrance and was in awe at the beautiful old Hollywood movie posters all around the entrance hall and she saw the quaint ticket counter. The counter was closed as it was still morning and there was a cafe at the other entrance. She took some photos and smilingly turned around to walk back to the entrance. 

She saw a tall guy with black hair walked past the entrance. "Ehhh, isn't that Kyu?" Ryeowook asked herself after she stepped out and saw the back of that tall guy, with the same shirt as Kyuhyun. The guy was walking towards the rows of cafe at the other end of the road. "Kyu!! I'm here!! Wait..." she shouted and started walking after him.

She saw him looking around and then took out his phone, so she quickly took out her phone too, to answer his call. But she has no network, probably because she was away from him. They had only rented 1 travel wifi and the gadget was with Kyuhyun.

"Kyu!!" she called him again but he continued walking towards the end of the road and turned into a corner.

"Oh God, it can't be Kyu, right? Kyu would have look back and waited for me... " Ryeowook said worriedly when she couldn't see that guy after she turned at the corner. There were more cafes there, but seemed like most of them were fully packed with caucasians.

Now she was feeling scared! She has followed the wrong guy! She started retracing back her steps but so strange, the area didn't seemed to be where she came from. There were many small paths and small streets and there were people everywhere.

"I think I came from that street. Yeah, that must be it. I just need to lookout for Moulin Rouge, right?" Ryeowook tried to calm herself down.

Kyuhyun was baffled because his wife wasn't there at Moulin Rouge. He was delayed by the parking machine, because if he parked more than 30 minutes, he was required to buy a ticket. But the machine took so long to print his receipt! He had ran back to Moulin Rouge, but he couldn't find his wife!

"Aishhh, where is she?!! I can't call her because the wifi is with me!" he sighed and regretted his decision to ask her to alight first. What if she wondered around and lost her way? Or worst still, what if some gypsies asked her to follow them?!!

He quickly walked towards the entrance to see if his wife was there, but nobody was at the entrance.

He turned and walked the other way round to see if his wife might walk to the slope to take photos. There were some Asians, so he quickly check around whether Ryeowook was one of them taking photos. "Please please please, please God, help me find my wife..." he prayed as he searched around the crowd. 

Over at one of the little streets, 2 big guys stopped Ryeowook "Heyyy lovely, are you alone? Want to go with us??" one of the guy with moustache asked her in English, but with a luring voice. 

Ryeowook got scared "No..." she simply said and tried to move past them, but the 2nd guy stopped her. 

"You are so pretty! Where are you from? Come, join us for a drink" he tried to pull Ryeowook's arm. 

Ryeowook quickly moved away and started running. She started sobbing because she was scared and prayed that she would find her husband soon. It was her fault for following that 1st guy! But she thought it was Kyuhyun. She scolded herself for being stupid. 

From a distance, she could see Moulin Rouge. She slowed down and walked faster, wiping her tears at the same time. Some tourists looked at her but she ignored them and walked towards Moulin Rouge. 

She breathed a sigh of relieved when she was back at Moulin Rouge, but Kyuhyun wasn't there. "Ohh God!! Ohhh halmeoni.... Please...., please let me find my husband... please...." she prayed, with tears freely flowing down her cheeks. 

Kyuhyun was now full-fledge in a  worrying state! "OhmyGod, where is Ryeong! She must be scared and desperate to find me..." he said worriedly. "Maybe I should go back to Moulin Rouge, in case she goes back there?" Kyuhyun told himself and turned to walk back to the direction of Moulin Rouge. 

From far, he saw a lady who looked like his wife, loitering outside Moulin Rouge!!! He sobbed with happiness!! For the first time in his life, he sobbed!! He never cried before in his adult life!!! "Oh God, please let that woman be Ryeong! I'm begging you, please

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