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Blown Away - Continuation of MAYDAY




They didn't ask for love, but the path they took fused their souls together.


Byun Baekhyun (30), CEO, captain 

One of the youngest CEOs of the top airline company, Korea Airlines, and a captain at the same time. He's the dream of every woman, but he was never interested in anything serious... Will he finally find love? 


Kim Areum (27), First officer

First officer. They say a person's eyes are a mirror of their soul and with just one look into them, a story can be told. A story that she isn't willing to tell. Her daughter is the center of her world... but her life was about to change in ways she couldn't even imagine.


Other characters: 

Kim Junmyeon, 35, Areum's brother
Kim Eun, 30, Areum's sister-in-law
Kim (Choi) Ari, 7, Areum's daughter
Kim Jongdae, 34, cousin
Choi Dal, 30, Ari's father
Park Chanyeol, 30, Flight engineer

Special appearance: 

Kim Eunji, 30, Lawyer
Kim Jongin, 31, ATC controller and pilot


"May I help you?" Baekhyun asked as he turned to look at the man who had just entered his office without even knocking. 

"So you are my wife's new er?" The man smirked. "Is she good? Are you enjoying the w*ore? Anyway, I tried calling her but the b*tch wasn't answering, so do me a favor and tell her that I came back to take my daughter." 

Baekhyun hissed as he clutched his fists. The words coming out of Dal's mouth were scrapping his ears, and if there is anything in this world that Bakehyun hates is when a man disrespects a woman, especially a woman who gave birth to that man's child. 


"I'll cut to the point right away," Mrs. Byun looked at her. "I want you to leave my son." 

Areum raised her eyebrow, as she watched the woman take out an envelope and push it towards her. 

"I hope that's enough for you to leave town," She stated. "I just think that you are not the right woman for my son. I just can't wrap my head around certain things, so, please, end whatever it is you have with him." 

"With all due respect to you, and your age..." Areum sighed. "I won't leave him, not for you or anyone else. I am not sure what I have done to you, but whatever it is I apologize but don't ask me to leave him. I don't need your money, and if I ever leave Baekhyun it won't be because of you, it's our decision and ours only, now if you'll excuse me, I have a flight." With those words, Areum stood up, bowed, and turned around leaving the woman in her thoughts. 



EXO-K - Lucky

EXO - Overdose

EXO - Tempo

Byun Baekhyun - Beautiful

Song Ji Eun - It's Cold

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