Chapter 3

My Universe
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“Isn’t he supposed to text first? He has my number” I asked myself, tossing and turning around in bed two days later. 



It had been a few days since we had our cafe chat and there was still no text or call from him. Of course, I didn’t want to ask Jaehyun since he’d immediately assume that I was crushing on his friend. Although, that could very well be the truth. 

I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was just busy. Or maybe I was overthinking everything and he just wanted my number for emergency purposes? Nonetheless, my mind was racing with possibilities. 


I got up and prepared for my first morning class. I knew that overthinking wouldn’t get me anywhere and might even distract me from my studies. I took the first bus to the university and sat down in my literature class. 


Everything that my professor was saying was going in through one ear and out the other. I was in a daze. 


*Beep* My phone vibrated and my heart skipped a beat. I opened it from under the table, ensuring that my professor wouldn’t see that I was using it in the middle of his extremely boring lesson about Jane Austen. 


“Hey. It’s Mark. I’ve been really busy the past few days, but I can’t stop thinking about our mini cafe trip from the other night. Wanna meet up later at 4? I can pick you up from school.” 


My heart felt like it was about to explode. Is this what a crush feels like? 


“Hey! Yes, for sure!” I replied, quickly putting my phone away. 


It was finally 4pm and his black van had pulled up at the side entrance once more. 


“Hey,” he said, showing that sweet smile of his. 


“So, where are we going?” I asked, sitting next to him in the back seat of the van. 


He smiled, “I wanna show you something.” 


“Does Jaehyun know we’re together right now?” I asked. 


“No, I haven’t seen him around all day so I haven’t gotten the chance to tell him.” 


“Got it.” 


We rode for about twenty minutes into a shopping area that I had never been to. We entered a shop filled with vinyls and records, something that I had mentioned I loved at the cafe. 


“So, because you mentioned that you were into these. I did some research and decided to show you,” he proudly smiled, motioning for me to check the place out. 


I was in awe. 


“Mark, this is crazy. I didn’t even know a place like this existed in Seoul,” I said, still in pure shock about the place and how Mark

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