Chapter 12

My Universe
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“Eunji, are you awake?” I heard a voice ask. It sounded like Haechan’s. 

I opened my eyes and slowly got up, realizing I was lying down in a hospital bed of my own. 


“Jaehyun! She’s awake,” Haechan yelled as Jaehyun quickly slid the curtain open. 


“Jae, I’m sorry. I must have blacked out from the exhaustion,” I reassured him, trying to look as okay as possible. 


He stared at me intently, not saying a word. I was scared. I had suddenly remembered the words he said to Mark just moments before. 


“I’ll use this as an opportunity to take her away from you.” 


“Jaehyun. If this is about what I heard earlier. It’s okay,” I said. 


“Eunji. Did something happen between you and Mark?” Jaehyun asked, looking nervous yet upset at the same time. 


“Yo, what? That’s private, dude,” Haechan laughed, playfully punching him in the arm. 


Jaehyun handed me a piece of paper and I quickly grabbed it. My heart was pounding. 


Patient Diagnosis: 


Patient, Kim Eunji, 22 years of age, fainted due to exhaustion, dehydration and pregnancy.  

Based on the test results, the age of gestation is five weeks. 


My heart sank as I read the last statement. I was five weeks pregnant and five weeks ago was the night something had happened between Mark and I for the first time.


I was so drunk and stupid to realize that it could have actually resulted in pregnancy. I was in a state of denial. 


“I’m pregnant…” I whispered, giving the paper back to Jaehyun. 


“What?! But what about Mark?” Haechan panicked. 


“I don’t kn-” I began, about to cry. 


Jaehyun interrupted, “I’ll take care of you. I promised seven years ago and I’ll keep it.” 


“What about Mark?” I cried. 


“Eunji, we’ll tell him when the time is right. When he remembers you,” Jaehyun reassured. 


“He’s right. Mark might not be able to handle it right now. He’ll come around,” Haechan said, giving me a pat on my shoulder. 


“Especially the company. We don’t know how they’ll react,” Jaehyun said worriedly. 


I nodded, knowing that everything they were telling me made sense, “You both are right. I need to take care of myself and his child so that we can properly tell him when the time is right.” 


I held my stomach, knowing that it was my duty now to take care of this baby. More than prioritizing fixing my relationship with Mark, I had to be a good mother to his child. 




I walked into Mark’s room and saw the peaceful sleeping face of his that I had always loved. 


The other members had gone home as it was already almost nighttime. 


I took Mark’s h

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