Chapter 5

My Universe
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I woke up the next morning feeling happier than ever. It still felt surreal to be with someone. 

I didn’t like Mark because of his idol facade or the way he presented himself to the general public. 

I developed a friendship with him in which I could see who he really is and all of his weird quirks. He was so much more than the person that they portrayed him to be on shows and on television. 

He was funny, charismatic, loved to make me smile, and most importantly, a huge gentleman. I felt luckier than ever. 



Mark: Good morning, baby. 

Eunji: Baby? Haha, that's cute. 

Mark: Only the cutest nickname for the cutest girl. 

Eunji: Damn, you’re cheesy. When can I see you again? 

Mark: Soon! I’m practicing with Jaehyun and Johnny right now. 


. Jaehyun. How was I supposed to tell my one and only best friend that I was dating his best friend? Would he be mad? Would he see me differently? I had no idea how to tell him. 


I opened up my contacts list and pulled up, “Handsome Jae”. 


Eunji: Hey!

Jaehyun: Hey! I was just about to text you. 

Eunji: Haha really? About what? 

Jaehyun: Nothing. I just miss you. You’re always so busy nowadays. 

Eunji: Can I see you tonight? I have something to tell you. 

Jaehyun: Damn, you’re making me nervous. I can pick you up later. 7? 

Eunji: Okay. See you. 


I was in a daze. I didn’t know how to tell him, nor did I even rehearse what to say. 


Time flew by quickly and soon enough, it was already 7pm. Jaehyun pulled up to my apartment at exactly seven sharp. He was wearing a leather jacket and a cap. 


Was it just me, or did he look different? He never was the type to be this stylish in front of me. 


Right before I could even say anything, he hugged me tightly. 


“God, I missed you,” he whis

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