Chapter 1

My Universe
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         My name is Kim Eunji. I’m twenty two years old and studying business here in Seoul, South Korea. After my parents passed away when I was in middle school, I was left with my aunt and uncle. After juggling three part time jobs while studying in high school, I was finally able to purchase a small place of my own in Seoul for easier access to my university. 


         While I was in high school, I met Jung Jaehyun, my best friend. He has dark brown hair, soft milk-like skin, and dimples. At school, he was the popular one. I’m not sure how it began, but in freshman year of high school, we were both the book nerds sitting in the back of the classroom. Fast forward to the summer after junior year, he grew taller and our classmates started to see him in a different light. Unknowingly, he was already breaking girls’ hearts from afar. 


         Jaehyun never made me feel unimportant despite the popularity. He always reminded me that I’ll always be his best friend no matter what, even if our paths change in the future. He’ll always be that boy I rode my bike with to and from school and the one I could always go to whenever things were hard. 


          Now that I’m in college, I can happily say that he still is my best friend. Although things are very different now and we may not be able to see each other every day, he’s still the one person that I can rely on. However, as you grow u

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