Another blind date

Blind dates
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"Omma, I really don't have the time for this! I have better things to do!" Kyuhyun retorted when his mother brought up the blind date again.

"All your friends already have someone. Changmin is married and Siwon has a girlfriend. It's time for you to settle down too" Mrs Cho nagged at him.

"I have other friends who are still single...." Kyuhyun mumbled while continuing eating his dinner. He came over because his mother called him and asked him to eat dinner at his family home. 

"Just this once, okay? I've already arranged this date with my ex-classmate, Mrs Kim. We met by chance when she was here visiting her daughter who just got an apartment here in Seoul. Mrs Kim and her husband stayed in Incheon and her daughter is still single too" Mrs Cho smilingly told her son.

"That was what you said the last time too! "Just this once"... but it went on 5 times...." now it was Kyuhyun's turned to nag at his mother.

"I only care and wants the best for you..." Mrs Cho looked down sadly. 

Kyuhyun sighed "Okay okay omma, I will go for this blind date. Hmmm... what's her name, when and where is the place?"

"That’s my son!!" Mrs Cho clapped her hands. "Okay, her name is Kim Ryeowook, it's this Thursday, and it's at Mouse Rabbit Cafe. Are you okay with Thursday?" 

"Omma, you don't take 'no' for an answer, so how can I said that I cannot make it...?" Kyuhyun nagged at his mother, who giggled at him.  "What is she working as? At least I can try to think of some conversations..." 

"Mrs Kim said that Ryeowook is a writer, but I'm sure what exactly did she write. Anyway, she just got an apartment here, so she is busy with her moving, that's why she is only free this Thursday... "

"A writer?... What am I supposed to talk to her... I'm an Architect... we are World's apart..." Kyuhyun leaned back to think.

"Well Kyu, opposite attracts you know, who knows this Kim Ryeowook is really the one for you..." his mother smile and patted his shoulder and left their dining room. 

Kyuhyun sighed and got up to bring his plate to the kitchen. He was still thinking about it while driving on his way back to his own apartment. A writer! Wow... 1st time his blind date was a writer! Somehow... he was looking forward to Thursday.. 

It was finally Thursday and Kyuhyun didn't know why he felt nervous. He had finished his meeting early with his two Architect partners, Siwon and Changmin, so he had enough time to packup his work and get ready. 

He always imagined a writer would be a tall lady with spectacles, curly long hair and probably carries books around. So when a lady approached his table and bowed and smile at him, he was surprised.  She was simply dressed in white top and blue pants, and a sling bag. She has short hair and she was petite. Simple, yet very pretty. 

"Hi, Cho Kyuhyun-ssi?" the lady asked politely. 

"Yes, I am. You are Kim Ryeowook-ssi?" he got up and went around to help to push out her chair. 

"Thank you and I'm sorry I'm late. My discussion with my publisher overruns" Ryeowook smile apologetically. 

"No worries" Kyuhyun smile and passed her the menu. "What would you like to order?" 

She made her selections and Kyuhyun placed their orders. 

"You are a writer?" Kyuhyun started the conversation. 

"Yes but not the Nobel prize kind", Ryeowook laughed, which Kyuhyun find it as cute. She continued "My books are mostly for teenagers, and my latest one is called "Best Friends" which I have an autograph session tomorrow at KYOBO Bookstore in Gwanghwamun". 

"Ohh wow, an autograph session!" Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows. 

"My publisher arranged for it, eventhough I am not in favour. You know, why would anybody want an autograph book nowadays?... I mean, we are in the digital era" Ryeowook chuckled. 

"Maybe the decision was based on the high number of sales" Kyuhyun said, already finding that Ryeowook was very humble and down to earth. 

"Yes but I would assume only a few readers would bother to queue to get it autograph. Maybe there will only be 5 in the queue? So I told him that it's a waste of time, but he insisted..." Ryeowook shrugged her shoulders. 

Their food came and Ryeowook said a prayer before started eating, surprising Kyuhyun. He said a prayer too and started eating. 

Somehow, they could talk easily and for once, Kyuhyun didn't think of endin

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I laughed when I saw Kyuhyun's bubble this morning (7th Jan 2022)! He cooked Sundubu jjigae! The exact same dish that I mentioned in this chapter 5 (Happy Moments)!


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