Let me be yours
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After that day when they officially became a couple Minho and Jinki couldn't meet each other but kept in contact through phone. Jinki told Kibum and Taemin that they were officially a couple now alongwith what was decided. He purposely omitted other details of that day. Taemin thought it wouldn't work out but seeing his brother so happy he kept quiet. Kibum also doubted that it will work but instead of saying anything to Jinki he told it to Jonghyun. Jonghyun told Kibum to let it be and that it won't be wise to interfere in their love life and as their friends the only thing they could do is being there for their friends when they need someone.


After their exams were over Jinki called Minho to meet up with him alongwith Jonghyun and Kibum as Jonghyun was also missing Minho as he had not met him also during exam time. When Jinki saw Minho he went running to Minho and hugged him tight "Hellooooo Minhooooo" Minho returned the hug with hugging him even more tightly. "Hello my baby bunny. Good evening Jjong, Kibum. Honestly I'm surprised Kibum you didn't come to kill me after that day." "Why would I want to kill you just for dating my friend?" Jonghyun was shaking his head vigorously while making no sign with his hands to stop Minho from speaking any further while Jinki whispered quietly to Minho that Kibum and Taemin didn't know about that. Jinki started changing topic and asking about Minho's training. "So I'll be going from tomorrow." "WHAT? Why so soon? When can I see you again." "Jinnie I'm sorry but I won't see you for three years but once I get nice job I'm all yours. My heart , my body and my soul." "Ewww this is not only awkward to witness but cheesy as well" "I guess Jinki is happy about that though. Look at them bummie. I never thought I would see Minho like this some day." Jonghyun couldn't help but smile. Jinki was busy giving small kisses on Minho's face meanwhile Minho had delighted smile on his face. "Ewww more public display of affection. We should do it too. Come on let's go somewhere to give them some space." "You are such caring friend bum

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This was my first time writing like this. I don't know if it feels okay. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it. I hope you would like next one though cause there will be leap of some years
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