Let me be yours
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Finally it is Saturday night I can finally have some time off and spend it with Bummie and Taeminie. I need help from bummie on how to tell Minho that I love him. Oh wait I forgot to ask Taeminie if he can spend time with us today.


"Taeminie Taeminie where are you?" "What? Can you please stop shouting" "Taeminie bummie is coming here tonight. Would you like to spend time with us?" "What made you think I would like to spend time with you?" "I'm sorry for taking you granted he is bringing ice cream and lots of food so I thought we can eat it together as I want to spend some time with you too." "You can spend time together I'm going out with my friends bye" Jinki got teary eyed after Taemin left. 


I'm sorry Taeminie I know you are angry at me for not letting you make your dream come true when you have the talent but I don't want you to become like me. I feel so suffocated there sometimes but at the same time I can't leave it cause I love singing. I wish I could sing when I want to and where I want to but...


"Jinki I'm going out with my friends. I forgot to tell that you have schedule tomorrow night so sleep early tonight. You already have dark circles and it is getting hard to cover them up with makeup" "but I didn't have any schedule on Sunday" "Now you do so sleep early. Goodnight" 


Just then Kibum entered house with bags of food. "Great you are here. Jinki don't eat too much food okay. Have fun. Goodnight" " Goodnight Minki Hyung" Jinki kept prodding Kibum to say goodnight too. "Goodbye I mean Goodnight hyung" "Good night Ki---bum" and Minki left house to spend time with his friends.


"That man is so evil. I heard him telling you to sleep early and not to eat too much food but look at him going out to celebrate with

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This was my first time writing like this. I don't know if it feels okay. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it. I hope you would like next one though cause there will be leap of some years
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