Let me be yours
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Finally it was Friday evening.

How did I end up here? Minho was thinking inside his mind. He saw Jonghyun staring lovingly at Kibum. But Kibum was not looking at him. Then He saw Jinki standing beside Kibum. Almost hugging all the food while Kibum was trying to take it away from him. He really loves food a lot maybe both of us can do eating competition when these two idiots are busy being lovey-dovey. He looks so different though I mean his glasses and hairstyle is ugly as usual but he looks like cute bunny too. Oh there is someone else with them, Is he glaring at me? But why?


"Is that frog the one you love Jinki hyung?" Taemin whispered to Jinki. "Taeminie that is rude don't call him frog he is your hyung and my first love. And look at him he is so tall and handsome. Look at those arms how strong they look and those eyes how big and beautiful they are. Those lips look how plump they are. And those..." "Please stop hyung I'm still younger than you" Jinki was shocked to hear this "Yah Taeminie I was going to talk about his strong legs what did you think I was going to tell you about?"  Taemin started moving his eyebrows with smirk on his face "ewww I can't tell you that kind of things you are my younger brother. How should I erase this from my mind now and how do you know about such things" "I have a boyfriend too Hyung" "Huh since when? Why didn't I know about it? And he says he is younger than me. I want to meet him and tell him rules. Why are you running away? Come here you" Jinki dropped the bags of food and started running after Taemin to catch him meanwhile Kibum was muttering that he would kill both of them for messing with food.


Minho was looking at everything alongwith Jonghyun.

Why am I feeling upset looking at both of them playing with each other? Why is Jinki looking at him with love in his eyes? Does Jinki like younger boys? What am I thinking ? why is it bothering me, When I told him to stay away from me? Last question acted like cold water and that bought him back to reality. 


"He is Jinki's younger brother. I'm surprised you were not able to deduce it. I mean look at them don't they look somewhat similar." Minho started looking at them carefully and then started smiling. Jonghyun was enjoying watching Minho's reaction and smiling too. Minho saw Jonghyun smile at him and was befuddled "I was not smiling cause they are not boyfriends but brothers but because they look so beautiful and

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This was my first time writing like this. I don't know if it feels okay. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it. I hope you would like next one though cause there will be leap of some years
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