Let me be yours
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"Let it go bummie. It is okay I'll just stay away from him since it seems like he doesn't like me and as it is I can't love anyone like a normal person of my age." "Don't say something like that" " But it is true bummie it would be such a huge commitment for the other person involved so that person has to at least like me to some extent to put up with everything that would come along with me." "Okay I won't say anything to him. But please come and have lunch with us. I mean I love Jjongie and I love you too so I want to be with both of you and I want you to spend time in understanding each other. I mean both of you are keys to my heart." "You know you are so weird sometimes" "Not the odd one himself calling me weird" "come on let's go faster I'm so hungry I have a recording after classes today and you know I'm not allowed to eat after 18.00 ".


After reaching canteen Minho was surprised to see Jinki coming back with Kibum. He was feeling already guilty for being so rude to him and he could see Jonghyun making 'come on go apologize eyes' at him. "Jinki shi I'm so sorry I shouldn't have been so rude to you" "It's okay Minho shi." After saying this Jinki smiled at Minho. 


Minho's POV

He smiled at me. Even after I was rude to him he still smiled at me. His smile is so beautiful. What can I do to make him smile like this at me forever? What the hell what am I thinking?

Jonghyun's POV

That smile, Now I know why Bummie loves you the way he does. I want to protect that smile of yours. You are my brother now. I won't let anyone hurt you ever.

Kibum's POV

What is this idiot doing? Why is he smiling at that moron? Well this is one of the reason I love you Jinki. But that moron doesn't deserve to see this smile. Shoo shoo close your eyes Minho.

End of POVs


Jinki started eating food without waiting for anyone as he was very hungry.

'He looks like a cute bunny while eating' Minho thought inside his head. God what is wrong with me? Why am I thinking about him like this? And why Kim Kibum stuffing his mouth? No when did he start feeding him? And why is he looking like he has been starving for many days? People tease me cause of

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