Let me be yours
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After going back home

"I don't think I can do this anymore bummie" "But Jinki" "I just love him so much and I don't even know why. Our relationship has given me nothing but pain and loneliness but I still can't stop thinking about him every second. I can't stop loving him every second. I'll lose my mind if I don't talk to him about this." "Okay Jinki"  Jinki went to where Minho was sitting  in hurry.


I'm sorry my friend but I can't tell you this no matter how hard you try he will never accept his feelings for you now. I wish I could stop it from happening but I found out about it only recently. My heart cries for you but except being there for you I can't do anything. Would you hate us after knowing the truth? I'm sorry Jinki for keeping this from you. Kibum thought inside his mind


Meanwhile "Minho can I talk to you alone?" "I'm sorry Mr. Lee but I can't I'm just your bodyguard." "Please minmin" after seeing that Jinki was on the verge of crying Minho went with him. 


"Please speak whatever you want to talk about fast it is too late and we have to sleep now it's too late" Jinki went ahead and hugged Minho tightly first then kissed him on the lips. Minho pushed Jinki when he was about to reciprocate to the kiss as he couldn't control himself anymore. "Sir please stop if you don't have anything to talk about I'll be going now" And Minho started going out from the room Jinki ran after him and back hugged him tightly while rubbing his face on Minho's back "Don't call me sir, call me Jinnie like how you used to I tried to be mean to you but I just can't I love you so much that I couldn't even pretend to be angry with you  even for a day. Please give me a chance please give us a chance. Please minmin I won't survive without you. You are like the air I breath and keeps me alive please let's go back to how we were before." Minho started to take Jinki's hands off of him and looked him in the eye and said "But that is not possible Mr. Lee." In desperation Jinki started to hug Minho again and both of them fell down with Jinki on top of Minho. 


Please stop it Jinnie don't make me be rude to you. I love you too but right now protecting you from Minki is more important that man is dangerous. Minho thought inside his mind.


"Please get off me

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