Let me be yours
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Minho took care of Jinki for the remaining day making sure he didn't put weight on his injured leg. Jinki was feeling like he was in heaven. Meanwhile Kibum and Jonghyun celebrated cause their plan was going right way and Taemin was confused how he felt but however he was thankful to Minho for taking care of his brother.


They played some games Jinki was strictly not allowed to participate and made refree by Minho, Kibum and Taemin. Jinki tried to get Jonghyun on his side and it looked like Jonghyun was going to convince them in letting him participate but one look from Kibum and Minho and Jonghyun changed his mind as a result they got a pouty refree. whenever Minho lost he sulked like a baby Taemin put lots of effort to win so he can get pleasure of defeating Choi Minho but sadly for him his hyung was biased and whenever Minho lost refree declared it as a foul. Kibum and Taemin promised to break referee's other leg cause of biased behaviour everytime but refree used aegyo his dangerous weapon to get out of the situation. Jonghyun remarked how he was the only normal one among all of them which was met with laughter from all sides.


Jonghyun and Kibum enjoyed the meal they had to cook as Jinki, Taemin and Minho had finished the food they had bought in food fight. Taemin won the food fight easily by secretly pushing some part of his food in their plates when Minho was busy wiping Jinki's face and Jinki couldn't take his eyes off Minho when h

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This was my first time writing like this. I don't know if it feels okay. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it. I hope you would like next one though cause there will be leap of some years
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