Let me be yours
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So finally it was last day of college. Instead of being happy like everyone on their farewell party day. Minho was sad thinking how this could possibly be last day he could spend with Jinki. He had finally decided to tell Jinki how, though he felt attracted to him and enjoyed his company the only relationship they could have is of friends. He didn't know how Jinki would react after hearing this and he really didn't want to see Jinki sad.


When Minho told Jonghyun all this Jonghyun left in anger after calling him stubborn selfish idiot. He was waiting for Kibum and Jinki to arrive at the party he could already foresee Kibum killing him with his eyes. 


Meanwhile Kibum wanted Jinki to dress like normal people their age but Jinki was afraid that it would reveal his identity. In the end after arguing for 3 hours Jinki decided to wear whatever Kibum wanted him to but kept the ugly hairstyle and glasses.


After reaching the party Kibum went towards Jonghyun who looked a bit upset meanwhile Jinki made beeline towards Minho. After sometime while talking to Jinki Minho could feel someone glaring at him which made him gulp in fear. He knew Kibum would explode after hearing what he was going to do. He knew Kibum treated Jinki like his brother and cared for him a lot and anybody who hurt Jinki wouldn't escape unhurt. He was actually surprised Kibum had not punched him yet.  He was also glad Taemin was not there.


While thinking about how to broach the subject, he saw Jinki taking a glass of fruit punch and gulping it in one shot and reach for another. It was still a mystery to him how hungry Jinki seemed one moment then in another moment he avoided food even if it was his favorite while devouring it with his eyes. Just when Minho decided he should start talking to Jinki about it and opened his mouth to speak Jinki beat him to it and told Minho he wanted to tell Minho something and took Minho to his house as both Minki and Taemin were not there in the house. 


They went to Jinki's room and Minho sat on the bed. Minho thought the room gave nice feeling just like Jinki with stuffed toys on one side and childhood family photos on other side. Slowly Jinki removed his glasses and kept them on table. Minho thought Jinki's eyes looked beautiful. Minho willed himself not

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