Let me be yours
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In the morning Minki started looking for Taemin as he saw that door to Taemin's room was open and finally found both of them sleeping in Jinki's room while hugging each other. So it looks like they made up. This brat is going to become hindrance to my plans again. I can't let anyone mess up with my money making machine and there is also a secret they don't know. Maybe the brat knows it but until Jinki finds about it, I can have everything I want. I have never ever considered them my brothers, we are not related by blood and just cause my old man married their mom doesn't make her my mom and them my brothers. They are beautiful though just like their mother. Maybe I should make more use of that. Minki smiled before leaving the room.


When Jinki woke up he was happy like a lot. Taemin was still sleeping and instead of waking him up Jinki kept staring at him lovingly. Taeminie is so beautiful. Maybe I should not stop him from doing what he wants to. It is his life and he should be the one to decide about it even if his decisions are wrong I should let him decide and not interfere but just be there for him whenever he needs me. He is my sweet little brother I don't want him to be sad and more importantly angry with me.


Jinki wanted to make breakfast for Taemin so he went to make breakfast for him. When Taemin woke up he directly went to kitchen he could tell the food will be tasty.  He saw Jinki cooking and went to hug him from behind "You are so cute hyung I knew it was going to be meat as soon as I could smell it. I love you hyung. Give me coffee though I don't want to drink milk." "So demanding but you have to drink milk so you can get taller than me Taeminie. Right now you are Tiny Taeminie." "Hyung you are being very mean" "Taeminie with that pout you look cute and not scary as you think. Come on I'll feed you."

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