Let me be yours
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It was the week Minho was supposed to start as Jinki's bodyguard. After that day he hadn't tried to contact Jinki but he had contacted Jonghyun who wouldn't pick his calls. 


So here he was infront of Jinki's house, he rang the bell and the door was opened by Kim Kibum. Kibum rolled his eyes after looking at Minho smiling with mischief inside his head while thinking I'm going to enjoy it so much.


Minho then saw Taemin sitting on the couch. Great predator number 2 was also there Taemin was shooting daggers at him through his eyes. Without meaning to his eyes started searching for Jinki. Kibum who saw this started talking to him "so Mr. Choi I'm Mr. Lee's manager and stylist." "WHAT? Where is Mr. Minki?" "Sorry but it doesn't concern you but well he was dismissed from his post. So your first job is to protect Mr. Lee from Minki at all cost." "Yes sir" "So right now we are going for shopping. I just have to call Mr. Lee downstairs" "kibum hyung can you please stop with Mr. Lee thing my ears are starting to hurt"Taemin whispered, Kibum roared a little Just then Kibum's phone started to ring "Mr. Choi can you please call Mr. Lee downstairs we have to leave soon." "ME" " Yes you come on run now to that room" Kibum said while pointing to Jinki's room. 


"Jjongie darling I love you your call timing was so perfect." "Bummie don't go overboard okay." "Yes Yes bye bye"  


Meanwhile in Jinki's room

Jinki was in towel deciding whether to wear or

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This was my first time writing like this. I don't know if it feels okay. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it. I hope you would like next one though cause there will be leap of some years
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