Full Circle II

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“It was fun while it lasted”

Yes, the most cliché line used in novels and movies by a character in throes of death was what Nayeon muttered after a small figure crashed into her fragile one. It was dramatic as it was beautiful, a fitting line for someone with a personality like hers. There was one pressing matter, however – her life was not really in any kind of danger. She was just tackled and got taken aback a little. However, her creative mind just deemed it was a perfect time to execute an exciting performance from the injured bunny and pretend she was dying to cover her surprise. It would have been perfect if she fell to the ground too but Jeongyeon’s quick reflexes and strong arms prevented it from happening. Whether she was thankful or frustrated by it was still up for debate. The tall girl couldn’t even turn it to a sweet scene like a knight in shining armor saving a damsel in distress or even just ask her nicely if she was alright. Instead, she was flicked on the forehead and accused of being overreacting.

“Stop the theatrics, Nayeon-shi.” was the exact words of Jeongyeon who spoke in an annoying manner but with fondness in her eyes that tell a different story.

But despite the lack of melancholic atmosphere accentuated in most dying scenes and no life flashing before her very eyes, it was still painful for Nayeon. The loud groan that escaped before she acted silly was real. She was still an injured patient and whoever had decided to tackle her wasn’t very gentle, to begin with. She could admit it was quite exaggerating on her part but the timing was right and it was funny.

“It still hurts but I know you think it was brilliant on my part. Admit it, Jeong. You like me you just pretend you don’t.” Nayeon whined, pouted lips and all.

“I think you’re weird and you traumatized the kid.” Jeongyeon countered, pointing a little girl who was quick to shuffle away from her and on the verge of crying.

Remembering the culprit who was the cause of her impromptu performance, Nayeon was ready to make an ear bleed after hearing her reasons on why it was not okay to tackle an injured person regardless of the reason, only to stop mid-rant when she recognized who it was.

“Tzu-tzu?” Nayeon exclaimed and hurriedly pulled the little girl into a tight hug. The little girl was full-on crying then, making the older woman tearful as well. The reunion was a surprise for both of them it seemed. “Oh! I’m sorry. It’s just a joke. I’m all fine. But what are you doing here? I’m glad you are safe. Where’s your sister? Are you here alone?”

Amidst the questioning and happy smiles, Nayeon failed to notice someone stood up and walk towards them. The woman with the bunny smile was too focused on Tzuyu that everything else seemed to blur. If only she did, the sudden pair of arms that enveloped her tiny waist would not have startled her and made her squeak in an embarrassing but cute way.

“Nayeon-unnie. I’m here and really glad you’re still alive.” Chaeyoung murmured as she bury her face on the older woman’s shoulder, tightening her embrace even more as if to confirm she was real and not just a fragment of her vivid imagination. The little cub had thought at first that she was seeing a ghost, a remnant of her great unnie, but when Tzuyu got to hold her and the unmistakable dramatic persona only one person she knew could pull off. The heart and mind of hers confirmed it was the person she still admire and respect after a year apart.

“Chaeyoung?” Nayeon asked tearfully, she herself was doubtful about all the things that had happened to her so far. She got her two friends back and a dear student of hers in the past with her hell of a sister was in her arms, safe and alive.

“Yes, it’s me unnie.”

Jihyo and the others watched the reunion with pleased expressions. It was a rare occasion to find or be found by your loved one, friends or even just a mere acquaintance from the past but when it happens, it never fails to bring hope and happiness to

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