Full Circle I

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Papers scattered across the long table, a big map of the forest they were in with multiple X marks written on it, used stainless steel mugs and a dozen of consumed instant coffee sachets was what welcomed Mina and the siblings when they stepped into the Tactical room. It was chaos with a splash of mess.

Dahyun and Momo were also already there, seated on their assigned seats and looking at their leader with bewildered expressions on their faces. They spared a glance at the newcomers and nodded as an acknowledgment of their presence but soon returned their attention to Jihyo who started pacing around the room and whispering incoherent words to herself.

“She’s been like that since I got here and it’s almost twenty minutes now. It’s starting to creep me out.” Dahyun whispered to Mina who sat beside her. “Do you think we should call Sana to examine her?”

“Jeong is on it, I think? But what’s more troubling is our resident neat-freak was here but she said nothing! Nada! She just said that she’ll get the others. You get what I mean?” Momo added while making an O shape with her hands, showing it to her fellow members as if it would convey exactly what she want to say. All the while, her pouted lips were pointing to the mess across the room.

Dahyun was the first to reply. No, she was the only one who bothered to voice out a reply. The other two just stayed silent while Tzuyu imitated Momo’s unique gesture with her hands and giggled at her own silliness.

“Jeongyeon-unnie will surely freak out and hyperventilate but I don’t see her shouting and screaming like a banshee right now. Just look at this room, this is a nightmare for her. I propose for Sana to examine them both.” The pale woman said while stopping herself from shivering from thoughts of the older women with crazed looks.

Mina nodded in agreement, conforming the reactions of Jeongyeon were out of character. However, it was not what was bothering her. The Japanese woman already had an inkling about the purpose of the sudden meeting. The leader’s and her adviser’s tense behavior only led her to believe what she knew of their situation just drastically became more dangerous. This realization made her own expression turn grim.

Chaeyoung noticed the abrupt change in Mina’s demeanor, not that she was staring. She was just observant. Yes, she was just observant. It was what she was telling herself as she continue to stare - no study - the Japanese woman who she can secretly admit had a perfect side profile as well. Though honestly, she had no idea why her presence was needed at the meeting except for a notion that the leader would probably propose she stay or ask to leave. Her curiosity just got the better of her and she didn’t know why but she felt compelled to follow Mina earlier as her legs moved on their own, dragging her little sister with her. She’s even seating across her which was probably a spot reserved for someone.

Uneasy feeling filled the room with the occupants drowning in their own thoughts. Each had different concerns but none dared to speak out. It was only broken when Tzuyu wiggled away from her sister’s hold and looked around the room, shyly. She was squirming a little and was biting her lips. The little girl then threw a helpless look at Chaeyoung and blurted out. “I need to pee.”

It successfully lightens the moon and even made Jihyo stop pacing around and smile a little. The little girl’s innocence never fail to be a distraction from their worries. Thus, cementing the leader’s decision to ask the siblings to stay.

“Why did you not tell us sooner? It’s bad for your health?” Momo asked, amusement in her tone.

“I…You all look serious. I just didn’t want to disturb you all but I cannot hold it anymore. It’s going to burst any second now.” Tzuyu answered, her cute

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I am terribly sorry for not updating for ages. I got buried under endless workloads and family matters. I can't promise I can regularly post another updater but I will surely try my best. Thank you for still reading and hope you patiently wait. :) Stay happy and healthy everyone.


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