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“Look, Chaeyoung-unnie. It’s a helianthus!” Tzuyu squealed enthusiastically as she rushed to take a closer look at the yellow flower basking in sunlight a few feet away. It was indeed a beautiful flower, something that became a rare sight those past years. The young girl admired it as if it was a piece of jewelry or intricate artwork, not even daring to touch it. She feared it might suddenly wither and contented herself by examining it from afar, memorizing the splash of color on its petal. She did long to brush a finger on one of its petals just to know the texture though. The flower was simply mesmerizing for her.

Chaeyoung, her older sister, however, was never a fan of flowers and anything of the sort. She had better things to think of anyways but the sight of her little sister with a bright smile painted on her cute face was always a welcome sight. Although it seemed risky to stop and fuss on a flower when you are in place possibly surrounded by things that have the potential to kill, she could not deprive her little sister of moments like this. She was well aware of her sister’s fondness for flowers and plants, a trait she inherited from their mother who was once a botanist. And seeing Tzuyu's light-brown orbs shine with glee also curved a smile on her lips – something that rarely happens lately.

“That is a sunflower, Tzu. It is easier to say that than what you have called it.” Chaeyoung teased before attempting to pick it out but her little sister was quick to slap her hands away.

“What are you doing? You brute! Do not touch it. It’s a very delicate thing. Of course, you wouldn’t know that. You have no respect for mother nature.” Tzuyu threw a stern look at Chaeyoung, reprimanding her about the importance of the flower. She looked really upset, anyone could imagine her breathing fire as she speak.

Her older sister just snorted at her and shrugged her shoulders, ignoring her continuous rant about her carelessness and just roamed her sight on the area where they are. Clutching the rifle she was carrying tighter to her chest, she tried to distinguish the sounds invading her hearing and where they were coming from. Through months of practice, she had honed her skills and was quite confident of it. The crunching of dried leaves, songs from different birds, the whistling of winds, and especially footsteps – her ears had become quite sensitive to all of it. And in the world where they are, being careless is a luxury they do not have.

“Tzuyu, please be quiet. Those things might hear you and we do not want that, do we? And we shall get going, it’s getting late. We still need to find a place where we could camp.” Chaeyoung said softly and motioned for her little sister to follow her.

With a heavy heart and deep sigh, Tzuyu nodded her head and obliged. She glanced at the yellow flower for the last time before the little girl went on her way. She wanted to pick it out and put it behind her ear or use it as a decoration on her strap bag but decided against it. It should remain there, unlike them who are constantly on the run. “Unnie, will things go back to normal one day?”

Chaeyoung did not anticipate the question and was stunned for a second. It made her stop on her track and look at her sister with weary eyes. She didn’t have a definite answer to that and her hope of it happening ever was slowly fading. Well, she had ideas and it involved them being dead or worst, becoming one of those vile things. It was a dreadful thought, one she did not dwell on often but if she was being honest, their future was looking more and more unpleasant. She didn’t want to be the one to crush her little sister’s fragile heart more so she said what was probably the most appropriate. Perhaps, in the deepest part of her mind, she needed Tzuyu to hope, she needed her to cling to that slight possibility. She was the only reason why she was alive anyway.

“I don’t know Tzu. I don’t know but if it ever happens. I will make sure you are alive to see that day.” Chaeyoung smiled but that time it never reached her eyes and patted her little sister’s head lightly. It was all she could say and it was all she could promise.

A lone tear slipped past Tzuyu’s eyes and rolled down to her chubby cheeks but she was quick to wipe it off. She then reach for her sister and wrapped her thin arms around her waist. She love her sister dearly and losing her would tear her to pieces but she was aware of their predicament. She may be young but she was wise. She knew the danger lurking in every corner and she acknowledge it though she always try hard to push it on the back of her head. The little girl jus

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I am terribly sorry for not updating for ages. I got buried under endless workloads and family matters. I can't promise I can regularly post another updater but I will surely try my best. Thank you for still reading and hope you patiently wait. :) Stay happy and healthy everyone.


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