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Has hell always been this hot?

Xiumin panted and fanned himself with his hands while trying to unstick his cotton shirt away from his skin.

How on earth was Chen, Baek, and Kai looking proper with their leathers clothes? They must be boiling inside of those.

Recently if they were in Kyungsoo’s room, they wore normal human clothing to blend in so it was almost weird to see them in their normal outfits. But right now, that wasn’t supposed to be on his mind. He had to focus and get things done quickly!

“It is certain that my body is here.” He confirms making his three followers sigh in relief. “But it is heavily guarded so it is hard to pinpoint the exact location. Although from here, I can feel my soul being pulled towards the North.”

His three minions quieten down at that, lost in their thoughts.

“The North is now a dominion of Lucifer’s daughter.” Baek steps in to explain. “She’s known for her ruthlessness and celebrated for her bloodthirst.”

“He has a daughter?” Xiumin frowns at that, taking a sip of water from his water bottle. Thankfully Baek was wise enough to bring water into this dreaded place.

“Yes. We’ve even fought before.” Kai balks at him. “I thought demons do not suffer from memory problems.”

“Well forgive me for not being in a demon body with a demon mind.” Xiumin snaps while Chen and Baek smacked Kai’s head.

His soul could retain so much information, after all.

“Tell me about her. Is it possible to sneak around? I have a feeling she has no idea that my body is somewhere in her realm.”

“Not at all.” Baek began, “I questioned around yesterday with some of the demons in her inner circle but no one seems to know anything.”

All three of them turn to look at Baek at that, several questions ringing in their head but simply decided to shake their heads knowing that Baek always had a way out.

“What are the interesting aspects of the North? I only recall the Northern pit of hell. It’s in the north-eastern region of hell, right?”

“Right, my Lord. Other than the pit of hell, we have the eternal flames of misery and a town of never-ending poverty. Those are the most striking features of the North Hell.”

Xiumin rubbed his head at that worrying over what to do.

“Kai. Take us as near to North as you can without having us being detected.”

At that, both Kai and Chen turned to Baek who was already thinking. “Best go to the town of never-ending poverty. Make sure that we are just at the edge of the town. Once you enter the town, hunger will blaze in you so make sure we don’t enter it at all.”

Kai nods carelessly but Baek was serious. “That town does not have specific geography, mind you. It keeps expanding and contradicting without a pattern whatsoever, so be extremely careful. Even if we escape it, the hunger in us will remain.”

At that Kai shrugs his shoulders uneasily but nods. “I’ll make sure to get it right.”

Xiumin felt his head split open when Kai teleported them. That was his second teleportation in just a few hours and his human body was starting to show signs of rejection.

He began throwing up immediately after they land somewhere he did not know.

“What stupidity is this Kai? We are further away from that Hunger-infused town then to the Palace!”

Xiumin could hear Chen talking somewhere but he couldn’t even put up his head to see and notice it not when he was heaving his entire bowels out into the dry ground below.

Baek was thankfully kneeled next to him holding a bottle of water and a pill.

“What is that for?” He grunts as he took the water bottle. It’s hotter in the North.

“It’s a painkiller, my Lord. I prepared an entire strip of painkillers knowing that your body may experience great pain in our trip.”

Thank all good things in existence for Baek. How was he a demon?

But as he swallowed the pill and sits down to let the medicine take effect, he was forming plans.

“At this rate, I am afraid the plans laid out for us won’t work efficiently. My human body cannot keep up with this… I have to conjure a new plan.”

Chen and Kai began squabbling somewhere away from them and Baek sighed next to him.

“How should we go about, my Lord?”

“We’re taking the easiest way out. Take me to the palace of this daughter thing. That would be the safest place for my body.”

There is absolute silence but Xiumin simply sat there with his eyes closed. He knew that he was taking the riskiest way but it was also the quickest. After all… someone was waiting for him at home. He had to go back quickly.

“My Lord! That’s madness!” It was Chen with his obnoxiously loud voice. “You do realize that you are in a mere human being’s body who can do nothing! The three of us are also not strong enough to go against them!”

Kai and Chen who had been at each other’s throats just a moment back suddenly became a team in going against the plan he just formulated.

“What is the best way to get there?” But he was unmoved. He was going to go as planned.

“Preferably by foot. The entire vicinity of the Palace has detection abilities for powers. Kai’s magic may not be much but teleportation still is one of the most sought after as well as rare, it would automatically pick it up. If he does not teleport, chances are that we can slip in like any other demons given our weak status.”

Kai and Chen huff indignantly at that. It wasn’t always nice to hear that you were weak.

“How long do we have to walk?”

“Lucky for us, we’re not far from the actual Palace.”

He opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow at that.

“He’s just lucky.” Chen scoffed. “If we were even some distance north, our presence would already be detected.”

“It’s not like Hell’s under many problems now…” Kai mumbles as if to defend himself. “Nothing much has been going on since Lucifer and his gongs had taken over completely. There’s no one to challenge them so it’s not much.”

Baek sighs and nods to Chen who comes to him. “Let me help you, my Lord.”

Xiumin watched his young hands and sighed. To receive help even to stand and walk was embarrassing but what can he do now?

Chen heaves him up and they all began walking further North.

“We should reach by the time hell’s flame reaches its peak.”

Ah. T

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