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The voice of the mother was rather low that morning as though many hopes have been lost and Xiumin smiled at the success. Having actual-bodied demons in the house also helped in making things easier like creating an unnecessary rift between the parents over the taste of food, or why the towels were wet, or how one of them worked more than the other.

It filled him with much glee that he was able to at least change this household.

It had been two weeks and two weeks of the mother coming to his room three times a day to two to one and today… She simply knocked and said ‘Food’ and went back. How amazing.

It was, of course, interrupted many times by that so-called ‘best-friend’ Park Chanyeol who had a boisterously loud voice that cracked more than the syllables that came out of his mouth.

He would always come and call out ‘Kyungsoo-ah’ like a chant for nearly twenty to thirty times at one go making him wish he could just stuff down a pillow down that boy’s throat.

The hardest though was definitely the owner of that sweet, sweet voice. It was like tasting honey every time her voice travels over. There was so much innocence, so much purity that it made him repulsed but at the same time draw him in as nothing has ever been before.

It was a baby’s voice, basically and this Kyungsoo kid must have loved the little girl a lot. For many reasons unknown to him, he wanted to see how the girl looked like and why her voice was sweeter than any he has ever heard before.

It did not make sense. Purity repelled demons and for the same reasons, whenever her presence is felt in the household, Baek would excuse himself and Chen would actually quiet down.

It was bad that she was mostly over at their house.

She laughs somewhere far away and it was more of an excited shriek but it has his heart lurch inside of his chest.

There was surely something about this human… Was it her soul? Surely a little girl her age wouldn’t and shouldn’t have such a strong presence! What is it? Has a special angel being assigned to her? After all, that was not an impossibility. It happens once in a while.

Every human has their own angels and demons assigned to them but there are times when special humans are specially protected by greater angels.

This makes them an obvious target for their souls have higher ‘price’, not an easy one… yet a target nevertheless.

“It has been a week. Where is Kai?” He asks feeling much more impatient with every passing second, a hand on his chest to suppress its beat.

“Probably stealing around. What else.” The demon of wrath yawns in his favorite bean bag and scratched his neck, the chain moving around with him.

At that exact moment, a flash of green appears in front of Xiumin but he blinks and it's gone. Baek appears next looking highly annoyed.

“Kai is here.” He announces with gritted teeth. “And he’s already downstairs checking the family.”

Chen stands up at that and sighs looking around as though Kai was hiding in thin air. Xiumin held back his annoyance and nod, letting out air through his nose.

Good. This was good. Don’t be angry. It was great that he had turned up at least.

It takes another minute of three demons just standing there and awaiting the other. Just as Xiumin was about to stand up, dash downstairs and bring the said demon, a poof of smoke and a flash of green – the demon himself stood there with a crooked smile on his lips.

“My Lord! Fancy being in your presence once more.”

Angrily swatting the smoke away, Xiumin glared at the newly arrived demon who only laughs.

“Would you kindly refrain from your dramatic antics the next time?”

The newly arrived demon only laughed louder.

“How can I steal the show then? I have to steal everything to appease myself.”

Xiumin gritted his teeth and nodded, unable to say anything else anymore. Kai, the green-haired demon of greed was his greatest weapon. With powers of teleportation, he had received the gift of ‘almost’ omnipresence – a very character of the creator. He was powerful even before joining him so he rose to almost an equal to a demon Lord during his peak days making Xiumin feel easily threatened by the younger demon.

It was easy to envy it. He need not be the demon of envy to be jealous of that.

“I am glad you don’t have a chain.” He mutters going to take a seat on the bed. “Take a seat, all three of you. Today is the day we shall begin with our Nirvana.”

“Before that,” Kai had the audacity to speak up making him growl at him a little while Baek literally throws him the meanest glare. Has he been away from him so long that he forgot Xiumin hated being interrupted above everything else?

“I think the little girl downstairs saw me.”

There is a moment of complete silence before Baek already has Kai’s shirt on his hand, fury, and confusion breaking out from his eyes. “What do you mean by that?”

“I checked the house to see if anything’s worth stealing and I crossed the place where they were seated and her eyes followed me around, even pulling the woman to look at me.”

For one, Xiumin is surprised at the news however he is more concerned over Baek’s reaction. He is the last person who reacts to anything much… But then at this moment when Xiumin is vulnerable, it is possible for angels and demons to act through human beings.

“We can handle that,” Chen says calmly playing with his sparks. “It’s just a kid. We can have her removed immediately.”

At that Baek straighten up, let go of Kai’s shirt, and cleared his throat as though he’s finally composed.

“We can do that.” He says nodding at Chen whose sparkes danced with delight. “We can have her killed.”

“Can I do it? Can I do it?” Kai jumped a little in excitement. “I want to do it.”

Xiumin sighs looking at the three demons debating who’s going to kill the little girl smacking his forehead. One horrible thing about being in a human body and having a human mind was that he could feel compassion and empathy which totally but what can he do?

“We’re not killing anyone right now.” He spits out making the three demons turn to him with disappointed expressions. It did feel like he’s taken ‘a sweet from a child’, a human expression.

“If we are to interfere with human souls and perhaps with these special ones who can see demons, we’re literally giving signals to the angels and demons.”

Once in a while, there are humans with special eyes who can see demons or so-called ghosts and spirits making them special but they were humans and tend to lose this sight as they grow older. This usually was common among children.

“I will not tolerate any rash decisions until I have my body back. After that, we go on a rampage and you can kill as many as you want. Not even the angels can stop us then.”

This seem to put the three at ease as they

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